Welcome to the family

This page is dedicated to the ancestors of my grandchildren. We came from many countries to the USA, and at many different times, from Plymouth and New Amsterdam till the middle of the previous century. We span the whole gamut of American immigrants.

All direct ancestors are included, along with those of their siblings, who have more than only a birth/baptism and death date. Of those people who do not have their own page, and their descendants, more information may be available on request. For people from Almelo try also the Almelo database. For ten Bruggencate's see also the ten Bruggencate site


Some notes for the use of this pages:

Direct ancestors have a green icon, their descendants a yellow icon.

for John Seidler
for Betty Tiffany
for Frits Broekman
for Trude Koch
for Joseph Edelman
for Doris Richstein
                for Barend Gast descendant of
Arnold Gast and
 Hendrika ten Bruggencate
for Geertje de Haan

The following icons are after the name on the individual pages:
On or two flags, indicating the country of birth and the country of immigration.
Because of my interest in the ten Bruggencate's indicates that someone is a descendant of the 1st Harmen ten Bruggencate.

The number at the top of the page is the number of that person in my database.