I started this project because my father is 75% ten Bruggencate. And since they were living in the same town for 300 years, going through the baptismal and marriage books was not that difficult. And my feeling was "How many could there be?" Now after all these years I have about 1100 ten Bruggencate's (various spellings) who have been proven to be descendants of the first Harmen ten Bruggencate, and about 180 (mainly recent) who are not yet connected to the tree.

This webpage contains all descendants, except people born after 1925, and/or deceased after 2000. People who have no other information than their baptismal/birth date and death date, are mentioned, but do not have their own page, and are not in the index. More information about not included people may be available on request. For people from Almelo, try also the Almelo database.

A small country flag indicates in which country they lived (at least for the main countries). The Netherlands is not indicated, as most of them are still there.

Some general information

A few more notes: While I can output text in both dutch and english, I cannot switch between languages in the citations. For this reason, most citations will be in dutch. If this presents a problem, send me an email