Ds. Barend Gast1

M, #8192, * 25 Aug 1916, + 13 Apr 1964
FatherJan Gerhard Gast1 * 4 Oct 1880, + 20 Jul 1948
MotherHendrika Johanna ten Bruggencate1 * 15 Mar 1885, + 8 Jul 1941
Barend Gast
     Ds. Barend Gast was born on 25 Aug 1916 in Tiel (Grootebrugsche Grintweg 21.)1,2 He officiated at the wedding of Arnold Gast and Hettie van Wijk on 26 Mar 1942 in the NH in Geldermalsen.3 He married Geertje de Haan, daughter of Ulpen de Haan and Afina de Haan, on 12 Jul 1943 at Purmerend.1,4 He died on 13 Apr 1964 in Utrecht (Militair Ziekenhuis "Oog in Al.")1,5 He was cremated on 18 Apr 1964 in Dieren.5 His ashes were buried in the Cemetery Tot Navolging at Tiel in the grave of his parents. His death announcement appeared and mentions his wife and children.5

Other information:

Ds. Barend Gast attended the public Gymnasium in Tiel. Upon graduation from the alpha division, he went to the Seminary Division of the University of Utrecht. He passed his first exam on 9 Oct 1936, his BA exam on 18 Oct 1938, and his church exam on 30 Sep 1939.6
In 1928 the river Waal froze over, may the 12 yr old Barend was among the people in the picture.

     Ds. Barend Gast and Geertje de Haan moved on 1 Oct 1945 to Jansdam 7bis, Utrecht, (and on 26 Sep 1946 to Tolsteegsingel 26). In 1949 they moved to Zwolle, first Ter Pelkwijkstraat 3, later Prins Hendrikstraat 9. When Barend became army chaplain, they moved to Ede (Anna van Burenlaan 178.)1 His telephone number in 1950 was 7114 at address Ter Pelkwijkstraat 3.7
Ds. Barend Gast was on 5 Oct 1941 ordained as NH minister in Jisp. Before that he was assistant minister in various parishes from 1937-1942. On 1 Oct 1945 he was honorably discharged with preservation of his pension. Between 1 Oct 1945 and 1 Sep 1949 he was Secretary of the Liberal Christian Youth Organization (VCJC). Between 1949 and 1959 he was minister in the Dutch Reformed Church in Zwolle, after which he became an army chaplain until his death.6
He served in 1955-1956 one yr as army chaplain in Vught, and bt 4 Oct 1959 - 1964 as minister in service of the Army at the Lua-school in Ede.6,5,8


Barend and his mother Hendrika.9

Barend on skates.9

Name variants: Bup Gast (nickname, within the family.)9


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