Frits Broekman1

M, #9115, * 25 Nov 1909, + 6 Oct 2002
FatherMarinus Johannes Broekman2,3 * 22 Jul 1879, + 5 Sep 1917
MotherRosalia Voss2,3 * 10 Mar 1873, + 18 Mar 1947
Frits Broekman, c. 1939


Trude Koch * 22 May 1911, + 12 Mar 1998
  • Han Broekman11,12,13
  • Victoria Elisabeth Broekman14 * 30 May 1947, + 30 May 1947
  • Vike Broekman15
     Frits Broekman was born on 25 Nov 1909 in Pare, Java.2,3 He married Trude Koch, daughter of Ludolf Koch and Cäcilia Mayer, on 18 Mar 1939 at Amsterdam.3,4 He died on 6 Oct 2002 in the hospital Geldersche Vallei in Ede.5,6 He was cremated on 10 Oct 2002 in the "Rijk van Nijmegen" Crematory in Beuningen.6,5 An death notices in the NRC-Handelsblad on 10 Oct 2002 mentions his children and grandchildren.5,6

Other information:

Frits Broekman attended first the Jacob Obrecht Elementary School in Amsterdam7Afterwards he attended the 2nd HBS, B division7He studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, and earned an MS in organic chemistry. In 1956 he earned a PhD in Amsterdam with Prof. Wibaut on the thesis "De reactie van 4-chloorpyridine met zichzelf en met enige aminen."7
Frits Broekman was in 1939 an organic chemist with Polak & Schwartz in Hilversum1He worked with the Physical and Colloid Chemistry Group of the Agricultural University.8

Frits and Trude survived the 2nd World War, thanks to the help of Hans Georg Calmeijer, a German lawyer, who, in the Netherlands, had to make the decisions about who was jewish and who was not. More information about Hans Georg Calmeijer from Yad-vashem (in English), Wikipedia (in German), and the town of Osnabruck (in German).

C 1911. Juup and Frits as children in Indonesia.9

Name variants: Friedrich Wilhelm Broekman (full name, at birth.)10,3 On 1 Nov 1945 his name was legally changed to Frederik Willem Broekman.10


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