Ulpen de Haan1,2

M, #8533, * 22 Oct 1891, + 25 Oct 1964
FatherHendrik de Haan1,2 * 8 Jun 1856, + 18 Jul 1926
MotherMarchien Rave1,2 * 5 Aug 1857, + 28 Jul 1936
Ulpen de Haan, c. 1962


Afina de Haan * 31 Dec 1891, + 27 Aug 1975
  • Hendrik de Haan1 * 3 Jan 1920, + 15 Feb 2005
  • Geertje de Haan+1 * 23 Nov 1921, + 5 Nov 2008
     Ulpen de Haan was born on 22 Oct 1891 in Nieuwe Pekela.1,2 He married Afina de Haan, daughter of Ulpen de Haan and Geertje Starke, on 4 Jul 1918 at Nieuwe Pekela.1,3 He died on 25 Oct 1964 in Zwolle.1,4 He was cremated on 29 Oct 1964 in Dieren.4 An death announcement mentions his wife and children.5

Other information:

Ulpen de Haan was a civil servant with the tax department16,7
     In Drachten they were living in the Oosterstraat, a new neighborhood, designed by Cees de Boer and Theo van Doesburg.8,9
Ulpen de Haan received a letter (from Nieuwe Pekela, dated 20 Oct 1918) from his parents-in-law Ulpen de Haan and Geertje Starke. They congratulate him and his wife Afina de Haan with his birthday. Ulpen tells about his work, Geertje about the Spanish Flu, which has claimed a number of friends. Hendrik, a nephew, is gravely ill in the hospital in Groningen. She hopes the war will end soon. Sister Grietje also adds her congratulations.6


C 1962. Ulpen and Afina.

C 1962. Ulpen and Afina had a micro car called a Goggomobil (link to blog post)

     Because of his job with the tax department, Ulpen and Afina moved a lot. Their first apartment was above the Restaurant A. Beckers-Hanssen in Nijswiller. In 1920 they moved to Schiedam, where daughter Geertje was born. In Feb 1922 they moved to Sneek, en in 1924 to Drachten. On 29 Oct 1934 they went to Purmerend (Julianastraat 25), and on 15 Oct 1943 to Tuinkade 11 in Zaandijk.Then on 28 May 1947 to Groningen (Floresplein 18B) and on 24 Oct 1950 to the Dresselhuijsstraat 3c in Rotterdam. Finally they moved to the assisted living complex "Oldenhaghen" (Hessel Mulertstraat2) in Ommen.10,6


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