Benjamin Sisco (1853-)

Benjamin Sisco was born 11 Mar 1853 in Newark, NJ. He was the son of Peter A. Sisco and his first wife Elizabeth Doremus(1)

Benjamin married his cousin, Bella Jane Riker, who was the daughter of Samuel Riker and Abigail Sisco, Peter’s sister. I have written about Abigail before, she is the direct ancestor of my son-in-law’s father.

Their parents were Anthony Sisco and Elizabeth Buckbee; plenty is known about Elizabeth’s family. Her father Ezekiel Buckbee was the son of Ezekiel Buckbee and Eunice Holmes of Westchester County, N.Y. The Buckbee line can be traced back to Roxbury, Mass., in 1630 and further in England. Ezekiel married Lena Beamer, daughter of Henry Beamer and Lena Blenkenberg of Sussex County. The children of Ezekiel and Lena married into the Sisco, Fredericks, Speaker, and Rhinesmith families of Pompton Township in the Echo Lake, Macopin, West Milford area.(2)

But the Sisco’s seem to be a complicated family; there are black ones and white ones, some go by Sisco, some by Francisco, or Cisco, and I have not been able to go further back than Anthony. There is a  Trijntje Francisco, who was married in Aquackanonck on 5 Feb 1739. Both are living at Gansegat, he is from Staten Island (from whence my Rikers came), but no clue as to his ancestors. There are Anthony and John Francisco, who fought in the Revolutionary war, they are buried in the Old Dutch Church Cemetery in Second River in Belleville, NJ.

So far a few tempting leads, but nothing serious. Anyone has any clues?

(1) Acc. to the Doremus Genealogy (William Nelson, The Doremus Family in America (Paterson, NJ: Press Printing and Publ. Co., 1897), pg. 146, she was the daughter of Thomas Doremus and Elizabeth Wilkison
(2) Literally walking In Their Footsteps, by Richard Townsend. The Bergen Record, 22 July 2013. GenealogyBank,

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