Hendrik Fremantjou (1646-b.1695)

Hendrik Fremantjou (dutch link) was baptized 31 May 1646 in the Dutch Reformed Church in Utrecht. He was the eldest son of Antonie Jorisse die Fremantjou and Belichje Hendriks, and my husband’s eighth great-grandfather.

Antonie and Belichje would have four more children baptized in Utrecht, the last one in 1658. It is interesting, that at the same time (between 1650 and 1655) there is another Antonie Jorisse (de Frementiau), who has for children baptized in the French Church in Utrecht. His wife is Marie Thomas Flahau (Flagho/Flahaut)

Hendrik moves at some point to The Hague; three children of his four known children are born there, according to their marriage registrations in Amsterdam. He was in the military (the dragoons), and possibly did not like it very much; his father makes a deposition in Utrecht

against Willem de Steenhouwer, who had called his son a rogue, and the wife of his son a whore, and his father, here appearing, was supposed to have said the same things; He admitted that he had indeed said that, but that it was taken out of context: his son had cost him a lot of money, would be a rogue, if he would leave the dragoons, and his wife would be a whore, if she would encourage him to do so.(1)

I have not been able to find marriages or baptisms in The Hague, but I just realized that they are digitized (but not indexed) on FamilySearch. I will have to plow through the films to see if I can find something. Unfortunately there were several churches, so there are quite a few films covering he same time period.

And what I really would like to know is, where Antonie Joris de Fremantjou came from, and how or if he is related to the other Antonie Joris, who has children baptized in the French Church. And who is the Antonie Joris de Fremantjou who is buried in 1715 as “bejaard jong man” (old youngman, i.e. adult unmarried man) who is survived by his mother.  Plenty of puzzles remain.

(1) Utrecht Notarissen, Cornelis van Vechten. Toegang:34-4, Inv. #U031a015, 1672-1675. online: http://www.hetutrechtsarchief.nl

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