Bergen County Obituaries

While I was providing obituary  look-ups for the Genealogical Society of Bergen County, I would come across many people who had, like me, immigrated from the Netherlands. I started collecting the obituaries, and posting them to the web. Eventually I developed a small database, and did some additional research to connect them to their ancestors back in the Netherlands. I do not pretend I did exhaustive research, the main focus was to collect these immigrants, and find out a bit about them.

The obituary is included in the page, as is the source citation. Some are transcribed, but if you are interested, I can provide a scan. Probably not too many will be added, I have moved on to other things.

In Dec 2017 I merged these obituaries into the GSBC Family Files database, which can be accessed here, but the original database is also still at the old address.

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