16 Bancroft Place1

The occupants of 16 Bancroft Place were:

#1. Edsen L. Lott II (1930).
The value of the house in 1930 was $10,200.2

Edsen L. Lott II was born in 1905 in New York.2 Edsen L. Lott II married Clarice in 1927.2 Edsen L. Lott II appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 16 Bancroft Place, with Clarice as wife.2 Edsen L. Lott II was a supervisor for an insurance company.2 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Clarice was born in 1908 in Washington.2

#2. Albert H. Russell (from 1931 to 1933).
     His parents Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Russell are living with him.

Albert H. Russell was born in 1904 in Wisconsin.3 Albert H. Russell married Marion M.4,3 Albert H. Russell was an (surity) underwriter in New York.5,6,3 Marion was born in 1902 in New York.3 Albert and Marion were listed in 1931-3 at 16 Bancroft Place, in 1935 at 8 Bolton Place, then in 1937 they were not listed, and in 1939-46 at 360 Owen Avenue.

Henry A. Russell was born in 1855 in Maine.7 Henry A. Russell married Anna E. in 1890.7 Henry A. Russell was a physician.8 Anna was born in 1865 in Wisconsin.7 Henry A. Russell died on 10 March 1933 in Radburn.9 Anna E. Russell died probably before 1935. She is no longer listed in the directory, but could have moved away.10 Henry and Anna were listed in 1930 at their son Carl's house at 4 Aberdeen Place, and in 1931-3 at their son Albert's house at 16 Bancroft Place.

#3. Willis Ahrens (1935).

Willis Ahrens married Violet T.5 Willis Ahrens was a salesman.5 Willis was listed in 1933 at 201-B32 Abbott Road, in 1935 at 16 Bancroft Place, and in 1937 at 80 Berkeley, Glen Rock.

#4. John P. Franklin (1937).

John P. Franklin married Marie C.11 John P. Franklin was a clerk in New York.11

#5. Edwin W. Blodgett (1939).

Edwin W. Blodgett married Bertha J.6 Edwin W. Blodgett was a department assistant in Passaic.6 Edwin was listed in 1939 at 16 Bancroft Place, and in 1941 as removed to Vermont.

#6. Howard L. Heckmann (1940).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $55.12

Howard L. Heckmann was born in 1909 in New York.12 Howard L. Heckmann married Dorothea W. in 1937.12 Howard L. Heckmann was a secretary for a mining company.12 Dorothea was born in 1913 in New York.12 Howard and Dorothea lived in 1935 in New York City, New York.12 Howard and Dorothea had a daughter Nancy.12 Nancy was born in October 1939 in New York.12

#7. Elmer E. Stewart Jr. (1941).
     Richard Hornby is living with him.

Elmer E. Stewart Jr. was born in 1913 in New York.13 Elmer E. Stewart Jr. married Janet B.13,14 Elmer E. Stewart Jr. was a machinist in Paterson. In the 1940 census he was listed as a scrap iron man.13,14 Janet was born in 1914 in New York.13 Elmer and Janet were listed in 1940 at 14B Townley Road, in 1941 at 16 Bancroft Place, then in 1944 at 16 Bolton Place, and in 1946 at 14 Ballard Place.

Richard Hornby was born in 1886 in England.15 Richard Hornby was not married (at least no spouse was listed).14,16 Richard Hornby was an engineer in Clifton.14 Richard Hornby died on 27 September 1985.15 (Obituary in the Bergen Record on 29 September 1985, pg A46).15

#8. Eugene V. Piser (from 1944 to 1946).

Eugene V. Piser was born in 1902 in New York.17 Eugene V. Piser married Jewel.14,17 Eugene V. Piser was a factory representatve. In the census he is listed as a salesman, but the branche is not readable.14,17 Eugene was listed in 1940-1 at 5 Beekman Place, and in 1944-6 at 16 Bancroft Place.


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