15 Bancroft Place1

The occupants of 15 Bancroft Place were:

#1. Sydney Werther (from 1930 to 1931).
The value of the house in 1930 was $10,000.2

Sydney Werther was born in 1900 in New Jersey.2 Sydney Werther married Esther in 1920.2 Sydney Werther appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 15 Bancroft Place, with Esther as wife, and their children Clare and Lawrence.2 Sydney Werther was a (sales) manager for a children's dress manufacturer in New York.2,3,4 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Sydney Werther was a Veteran of the World War.2 Esther was born in 1903 in New York.2 Clare was born in 1922 in New York.2 Lawrence was born in 1928 in New Jersey.2 Sydney was listed in 1930-1 at 15 Bancroft Place, and in 1933-5 at 13 Bancroft Place.

#2. Paul G. Wellenkamp (from 1933 to 1935).

Paul G. Wellenkamp was born in 1900 in New York.5 Paul G. Wellenkamp married Jean D. in 1923.5 Paul G. Wellenkamp was in 1930 a sales engineer in the car industry, and later a mechanical engineer in Harrison, New Jersey.5,3,4 He owned a radio in 1930.5 Paul and Jean had two sons, David and Jeremy.5
Jean D. and Paul G. Wellenkamp of Radburn are the sister and brother-in-law of Miss Dewey, psychologist at Bellevue, who died in the explosion of her yacht.6 Paul and Jean were listed in 1930 at 330A Plaza Road North, in 1931 at 9 Burnham Place, then in 1933-5 at 15 Bancroft Place, and in 1937 as removed to Bound Brook

#3. Norman B. Vines (from 1937 to 1946).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $55.7

Norman B. Vines was born in 1901 in New York.7 Norman B. Vines married Eleanor C.8,9,7 Norman B. Vines was a salesman (lumber).8,9,7 In the census he is listed as Norman Bines, but this is clearly in error.7 Eleanor was born in 1911 in Washington.7 Norman and Eleanor lived in 1935 in Goshen, New York.7 Norman and Eleanor had a daughter Deirdre.7 Deirdre was born in 1939 in New Jersey.7 Norman was listed in 1935 at 12B Townley Road, and in 1937-46 at 15 Bancroft Place.10


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