5 Beekman Place1

The occupants of 5 Beekman Place were:

#1. Gerald Shea (1933).

The New York Times, 2 January 1931, pg. 42.
     A home in Radburn, New Jersey has been sold by the City Housing Corporation to Gerald Shea of Passaic.2
Gerald Shea married Ruth.3 Gerald Shea was a salesman in New York.3,4 Gerald was listed in 1933 at 5 Beekman Place, in 1935 at 17 Randolph Terrace, and in 1937 at 983 Salem Lane, Ridgewood.

#2. Carl H. Shaifer (1935).

Carl H. Shaifer married Ellen R.3 Carl H. Shaifer was in 1933 a broker, and in 1935 a clerk in New York.3,4 Carl was listed in 1933 at 12B Townley Road, in 1935 at 5 Beekman Place, and in 1937 as removed to Panama.
The New York Times, 19 October 1935, pg. 10.
     Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Crowhurst of Glen Ridge gave a dinner last night in honor of their son-in-law Carl H. Shaifer, of Radburn, who will sail for China next Friday.5

#3. Luther B. Hill (from 1937 to 1939).

Luther B. Hill was born in 1903 in Texas.6 Luther B. Hill married Elizabeth B. In the census her name was listed as Edith.7,6 Luther B. Hill was a designing engineer in New York. In the census he os listed as a chemical engineer in the oil industry.7,8,6 Elizabeth was born in 1905 in Texas.6 Luther and Edith lived in 1935 in Berkeley, California.6 Luther and Elizabeth had a son William Eugene.6 Luther and Elizabeth were listed in 1937-9 at 5 Beekman Place, and in 1940-1 at 7 Bristol Place.

#5. Charles L. White (from 1944 to 1946).

Charles L. White was born in 1903 in New Jersey.9 Charles L. White married Marie H. Maria or Marie R.7,9,10 Charles L. White was a salesman. Later he was listed as secretary and/or treasurer (bank equipment) in New York.7,9,10 Marie was born in 1907 in New York.9 Charles and Marie had a daughter Caryl.9 Charles was listed in 1937-9 at 201-A4 Abbott Road, in 1940-1 at 6 Burnham Place, and in 1944-6 at 5 Beekman Place.

#4. Eugene V. Piser (from 1940 to 1941).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $65.11

Eugene V. Piser was born in 1902 in New York.11 Eugene V. Piser married Jewel.10,11 Eugene V. Piser was a factory representatve. In the census he is listed as a salesman, but the branche is not readable.10,11 Jewel was born in 1903 in New York.11 Eugene and Jewel lived in 1935 in Tuckahoe, Westchester County, New York.11 Eugene and Julia had 2 daughters Jean Ann and Virginia.11 Jean was born in 1934 in New York.11 Virginia was born in 1936 in New York.11 Eugene was listed in 1940-1 at 5 Beekman Place, and in 1944-6 at 16 Bancroft Place.

In 1931 it was listed as vacant.


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