Jacob Hindriks (1710-1783)

Jacob Hindriks (Meppeler) (dutch link) was buried 8 May 1783 in the Martinikerk in Groningen. He is my 6th great-grandfather. He married Trijntje Buining in 1732, and they have nine children, of whom at least three reach adulthood.

The burial registration reads:

Jacob Hinderks Meppeler, husband of Trijntje
Buining in the Prinsenstreet
The burial sheet from the Stulker guild

Having no clue as to what a stulker was, I googled it, and came up with exactly one result: A dissertation by Meindert Schroor(1) at the University of Groningen. In a footnote he mentions stulker in a list of occupations connected to the shipping trade. Considering that his wife was buried with a sheet from the same guild, we may reasonably assume that Jacob was a skipper of some kind.

But if anyone has any other ideas, I’m listening.

(1) Schroor, Meindert. Rurale metropool: Bevolking, migratie en financiën van de stad Groningen ten tijde van de Republiek (1595-1795). Universiteit Groningen, 2014, pg. 167 (footnote 357) <https://www.waddenacademie.nl/fileadmin/inhoud/pdf/06-wadweten/Proefschriften/Dissertatie_Meindert_Schroor.pdf>

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