Albert de Haan (1829-)

Albert de Haan was born 16 Apr 1829 in Groningen, 9th child of Hindrik de Haan (dutch link) and Petronella Katers. The parents were skippers, and most of the children were born in the ship, for Albert, the ship was moored at the Turfmarkt (Peat Market). He is my 2nd great-grand-uncle.

Of the 10 children of Hindrik and Petronella I have been able to find more information on seven: three are known to have died young, the oldest daughter Jacoba died at age 22, a daughter Elsien died at age 19. But three children are unaccounted for: Berend (born 1813), Armina (born 1820) and Albert (born 1829)

Of course it is possible they did not die in the Netherlands; brother Martinus was born in Antwerp in 1818, I only found him because he died in Groningen. So possibly these three children died somewhere else.

I found several Albert (de) Haan in the US in Michigan, however none of them are related to our Albert. So for the moment I am stuck with three mysteries. Maybe someday something will come online, so I can find where these children died, and find out a bit more about the places this family sailed to in their ship

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