Some more statistics

MY family database contains 8944 people. When I started the born on this day project, I had hoped to talk about people in the different branches sort of equally; but it soon became clear that was not the way it was going to work. I have each branch marked, and so I can easily figure out, which branch contains how many people. While I knew I had big differences in amount of people in each branch, I was still surprised by how extreme the differences were. But it does explain why ten Bruggencate and Tiffany keep showing up in the birthday lists!

  • My husband’s lines
    1. Broekman (763 =08.53%).Much in Amsterdam, but they came from many places, mostly Germany, but there are also some Huguenots among them.
    2. Koch   (102 =01.14%) Jewish from Germany; some went to Argentina, some did not survive WWII
  • My lines. .
    1. ten Bruggencate (2931 =32.77%) The biggest number is ten Bruggencate, I collected every single one I could find. Most are in Almelo, but they branch our over the world
    2. Gast (516 =05.76%) This is heavily intertwined with ten Bruggencate, but I did not collect every one of them in Almelo
    3. de Haan (1605 =17.95%) Here I frequently have to add many people, in order to figure out the relations in the marriage contracts in the province of Groningen
  • My son-in-law’s paternal line.
    1. Tiffany (2101 =23.49%). Tiffany, they came on the Mayflower and through New Netherland, and had been extensively studied before I had need of them
    2. Seidler (412 =04.61%). They came in the 1850’s, and I have not done extensive research in Germany, whence they came
  • My son-law’s maternal line. There you start finding the small numbers
    1. Richstein (76 =0.85%) They came in the 1910’s from the Ukraine.
    2. Edelman (19 =0.21%) they came around 1900. While I have some interesting stories, I do not go too far back
  • My daughter-in-law’s lines. They came in the 1950s, but they came from Vietnam, and I don’t read the language.
    1. Nguyen and Vo (26 =00.29%)
  • My son-in-law’s sister-in-law. I have not done extensive research, they came from Poland and Austria in the beginning of the 20th century
    1. Drabik and Bieda/Berman (35= +00.39%)
  • not assigned (335 +3.74%) These I have not yet been able to figure out the connections. Some are closely interwoven with other related families, but the definitive connection is not clear.

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