Aleida ten Bruggencate (1799-1885)

Aleida ten Bruggencate (dutch link) was baptized Dutch Reformed on 7 Mar 1799 in Almelo, the daughter of Jan ten Bruggencate and Anna ten Bruggencate. Yes, both her parents were ten Bruggencates, they were second cousins 1x removed (as well as 3rd cousins, 5th cousins 1x removed, and 6th cousins). Jan’s parents were Berent ten Bruggencate and Jenneken ten Bruggencate, they were 4th cousins 1x removed). Anna’s parents were Gerrit ten Bruggencate and Johanna Boom. If you thought we are done: Gerrit’s paternal grandparents were also both ten Bruggencates. What can I say, Almelo was a small town.

There are 9 relationships between me and Aleida, the closest is 3rd cousin 4x removed.

Aleida married her first cousin Bernardus ten Bruggencate, grandson of the same Berent ten Bruggencate and Jenneken ten Bruggencate. There are no relationships between Bernardus’ father and his mother Rebecka Warnaars. His mother came from the Almelo Mennonite (Doopsgezind) community, and Bernardus’ father Benjamin joined that community as well. This branch of the ten Bruggencate’s has been Mennonite ever since. It is unclear whether Aleida joined, but all their children were baptized as adults (as was the custom.)

I always joke that I don’t have a family tree, I have a family grapevine. And while there are many relationships, that are too far apart, to be of concern to the people themselves, living in a small community, a tangle is bound to happen. I am sure anyone can find examples in their own genealogy.

In the Almelo database, the non-ten Bruggencate relations are pursued more (as far as they are in Almelo. You can find Aleida and Bernardus here (dutch link)


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