Aaltje Selhorst (1802-1830)

Aaltje Selhorst (dutch link) was baptized 11 Feb 1802 in Almelo, the last child of Jan Hendrik Selhorst and his second wife Maria Hondebrink. Aaltje is my 3rd great-grandaunt, as well as the wife of my 2nd great-grandfather. As usual in Almelo, there is a tangled web of relations.

In Aug 1829 Aaltje married Hendrik Jan ten Bruggencate, the grandson of Aaltje’s father Jan Hendrik Selhorst and his first wife Frederica Boom. Ten months later in May she gives birth to a daughter Johanna. The baby died a month later, and Aaltje died in September of that same year; whether of complications of child-birth, grief, or TB (which was very common) is not known, death certificates do not list cause of death.

Hendrik Jan then married Trina Johanna ten Bruggencate, who was his first cousin on his mother’s side, as well as a niece of his first wife, and a second cousin 1x removed on his father’s side. They go on to have 8 children, 24 grandchildren, and at least 41 great-grandchildren.

Below the ancestors of the Aaltje, Hendrik Jan and Trina Johanna, and their multiple inter-connections

Aaltje Selhorst

Hendrik Jan

Trina Johanna

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