Judith de Levie (1939-1943)

Judith Rozaline de Levie was born in 16 Dec 1939 in Leiden. She only lived to be not quite 4 yrs old; she was killed on Auschwitz on 12 Oct 1943, along with her parents, and many other family members.

Her family is not really related to my husband’s; but there is a family connection: she is the 3rd cousin 1x removed of the wife of my father-in-law’s first cousin, Resi Cohen Voss. And how did I find her: I was translating a newspaper article for a friend from dutch to english (Judith’s mother was her aunt), and noticed that Judith’s grandfather came from Oude Pekela in the province of Groningen, the same place where Resi came from. Further digging showed there indeed was a relationship: both descend from Benjamin Heiman de Levie (c1742-1828), Judith from his second wife, and Resi from his first.

You can read more about Judith and her family in the article “Henri de Levie and the two strangers, who met in Israel” on the website of “Stolpersteine Dordrecht.” The article is in Dutch, but if you are really interested, I can send you a translation.

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