Jenneke Guykinck (1736-b. 1767)

Jenneke Guykinck (Geukink) (dutch link) was baptized on 7 Dec 1736 in Hengelo, 281 years ago, daughter of Everwijn Guikink (Geuker) and Geertjen Koops. She was the third wife of my 5th great-grandfather Hermannus ten Bruggencate (dutch link), who married her in 1762, when he was about 50, and she 26, as old as his oldest daughter. They married in Hengelo, but then went back to Almelo. He had two children by his first wife, and 10 by his second (although probably only 4 were still living), so Jenneke inherited a rather large household. It cannot have been easy, there probably was quite a bit of resentment from the older children.

Jenneke and Hermannus had one child together, Abraham. He grew into adulthood, and moved to Hengelo. Jenneke died when Abraham was less than four years old, because Hermannus married yet again in 1767.

Hermannus and his fourth wife made a will  on 20 Dec 1775. He named his sons Gerrit, Berent and Abraham, and daughters Geesken, Kornelia, Hendrika and Clasina as heirs, she her niece Aeltje de Ruyter, wife of Jannes ten Oever. Geertruit, not having any children with Hermannus,  only gets the right to continue living in the front room for the rest of her life, without paying rent. The will was probated on 09 Feb 1778 in Landgericht Almelo

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