Latham in Amsterdam

Just found an interesting coincidence:

My husband’s 7th great-granduncle married (as his second wife) Isabel Latham (dutch link) on 1 Feb 1699 in Amsterdam. (It was her second marriage also, she married at age 45 in 1687 with Jurriaen Sieuwertsz. Geersma). She is baptized in the English Church in Amsterdam on 19 Feb 1642, daughter of Persevere Latham.
Persevere was married in Amsterdam on 27 Jan 1629 with Maritje Bloome. His mother Isabel Latham is present at the marriage, as is her mother Catalijn Jacobs. Persevere was 24 yrs old (so born c. 1604), and from Amsterdam. Persevere has a number of children, in addition to Isabell, baptized in the English Church in Amsterdam: 2x William, 2x Abraham, 3x Mary, Isaac, Katherine, and Richard.

A William Ladham was married in Amsterdam on 16 Sep 1600 with Lijsbeth Janson. Unfortunately the old script is hard to read; but they are both from somewhere in England. I cannot read his witnesses, or whether he is a widower; her’s are her sister and brother-in-law Marie Johnson and Thomas [unclear]. William is more than 30 yrs old, Lijsbeth is 30.

Although it seems tempting, it is unlikely that William is Persevere’s father, as his mother is Isabel, and alive in 1629. There are no baptisms in Amsterdam for any children of William,

And the coincidence?
My son-in-law descends from Robert Latham, who came to Massachussetts, and married Susannah Winslow. Age-wise he is of the same generation as Persevere. It would be fun to see if there is a connection, but I have no clue how common a name Latham is. Anybody has any ideas?

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