The ancestors of my grandchildren

The ancestors of my grandchildren are a diverse lot.

On my side they are all in the Netherlands (Overijssel (Gast, ten Bruggencate) and Groningen (de Haan)), my husband’s side came from Germany to the Netherlands at various times (Broekman c. 1775, Koch c. 1940). They mostly lived in Amsterdam.

My daughter’s father-in-law has american roots going back to New Netherland (Riker, Blauw/Blue) and the Mayflower (Thomas Rogers). Interesting enough some of those early ancestors also spent some time in the Netherlands, and we can find some records in the databases there. He also has German ancestry (Seidler). They immigrated in the middle of the 19th century. Going through his ancestors is like moving through American history.

Her mother-in-law’s roots (Richstein, Edelman) lie in the Ukraine. Her ancestors emigrated in the 1910’s to New York.

My son’s parents-in-law are Vietnamese (Vo, Nguyen). Both came to the US in the 1950’s. Vietnamese genealogy is nearly impossible. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it.

Descendants of the Dutch and German ancestors are living all over the world.

Hope you can find a connection. If you do let me know.

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