2 Audubon Place1

The occupants of 2 Audubon Place were:

#1. Richard T. Ely (from 1933 to 1935).

Richard T. Ely was born on 13 April 1854 in Ripley, New York. Richard T. Ely was a professor of economics. At least in 1931 he also was on the Board of Directors of the City Housing Corporation in New York, New York.2 Richard T. Ely married Margaret L. on 21 December 1931.3,4 Richard T. Ely died on 4 October 1943 in Old Lyme, Connecticut. 5 Richard and Margaret had a son, William Brewster, and a daughter, Mary Charlotte, born to them, while they were living at 2 Audubon Place.6,7 Richard and Margaret were listed in 1933-5 at 2 Audubon Place, and in 1937 as removed to New York.

The New York Times, 21 December 1931, pg. 23.
     Wedding Hahn - Ely.4

The New York Times, 30 March 1934, pg. 3.
     Birth Ely Child.7

#3. David E. McFarland Jr.

David E. McFarland Jr. was born in 1904 in New York.8 David E. McFarland Jr. married Marion K.9,8 David E. McFarland Jr. was an electrical engineer in Passaic. In the 1940 census he is listed as an electrical engineer for a public utility.9,10,8 Marion was born in 1905 in New Jersey.8

#2. Earl L. Dow (from 1939 to 1944).
     In 1939-41 his mother-in-law Hattie is also listed.
The monthly rent in 1940 was $75.11

Earl L. Dow was born in 1899 in New York.11 Earl L. Dow married Ruth S.12,11,10 Earl L. Dow was a property inspector in Newark.12,11 Earl L. Dow died on 19 October 1945 in Jersey City Medical Center, Jersey City, New Jersey.13 Earl L. Dow was buried in George Washington Cemetery, Paramus, New Jersey.14 (Obituary in the Ridgewood Sunday News on 21 October 1945, pg. 10, col. 2).13
Ruth S. Dow was born in 1904 in District of Columbia.11 Earl and Ruth lived in 1935 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.11 Earl and Ruth had 3 children: Harriet Ann, Earl L. and Nancy Ruth.11,13 Harriet was born in 1926 in New York.11,15,16 Earl was born in 1930 in Connecticut.11 Nancy was born on 4 July 1931 in Pennsylvania.11,14 Harriet Ann Dow graduated on 20 July 1944 from Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood.
Harriet was one of the last graduating class of Radburnites of Ridgewood High School. She planned to go to the University of North Carolina.16,15 Earl and Ruth were listed in 1939-44 at 2 Audubon Place, and Ruth in 1946 (after Earl's death) at 302-G21 Highstreet.

Hattie E. Welsh was born in 1868 in Georgia.11 Hattie E. Welsh was widowed (Spouse: John C).11,10 No occupation was listed for Hattie E. Welsh.11,10

In 1931 and 1937 it was listed as vacant.


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