302-G21 Highstreet1

302-G21 Highstreet was possibly enumerated as (112/145) Abbott Court North in the census, as no unit letters were used. It is not at all sure that this is indeed the same apartment, as the building designation is also different. As the occupant is the same in 1930 and 1931 however, the units are treated as one.2
The occupants of 302-G21 Highstreet were:

#1. Harrison C. Strohsall (1931).
The monthly rent in 1930 was $63.-.2

Harrison C. Strohsall was born in 1902 in New Jersey.2 Harrison C. Strohsall married Rhoda in 1928.2 Harrison Strohsall appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at (112/145) Abbott Court North, with Rhoda as wife.2 Harrison C. Strohsall was in 1930 a securities underwriter, and in 1931 an assistant manager in New York.2,1 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Rhoda was born in 1909 in New York.2

#2. Joseph J. Glatzel (1933).

Joseph J. Glatzel married Margaret R.3 Joseph J. Glatzel was an engineer at the PSE&G Co.3

#3. J. Van Ness Smith (from 1937 to 1941).
     In 1937 his wife Merle E. Shaugar is also listed separately. In the 1940 census his wife is listed, but not named.
The monthly rent in 1940 was $52.4

J. Van Ness Smith was born in 1897 in New York.4 J. Van Ness Smith married Merle E. Shaugar before 1937.5 J. Van Ness Smith was in 1937 a stock manager in Newark. In the 1940 census he was listed as a clerk (aeronautical engines). In 1939-41 no occupation was listed.5,4,6
Merle E. Shaugar was born in 1905 in New Jersey.4 Merle E. Shaugar was from 1935 to 1941 principal of Public School #5. In 1939-1940 she is listed as a teacher.7,5,4 Merle was listed in 1935-7 at 7 Barry Place, and in 1937 also at 302-G21 Highstreet. VanNess and Merle were listed in 1937-41 at 302-G21 Highstreet, and in 1946 at 11 Ryder Road.

#4. Gerald Fitzgerald (1944).

#5. Ruth S. Dow (1946).
     Her daughter Harriet Ann Dow was listed also.

Ruth S. Dow was born in 1904 in District of Columbia.8
Harriet Ann Dow was born in 1926 in New York.8,9,10 Earl and Ruth were listed in 1939-44 at 2 Audubon Place, and Ruth in 1946 (after Earl's death) at 302-G21 Highstreet.

In 1935 it was listed as vacant.


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