1 Audubon Place1

The occupants of 1 Audubon Place were:

#1. Carl Katz (from 1933 to 1946).
     In 1933 Bessie Sweeney works and lives here also. In the 1940 census his brother Edward is enumerated with him.
The monthly rent in 1940 was $70.2

The New York Times, 3 November 1930, pg. 40.
     The City Housing Corporation sold the house at 1 Audubon Place, Radburn to Carl Katz.3

Carl Katz was born in 1891 in New Jersey.2 Carl Katz married Charlotte M. in 1927. In 1933 his wife is listed as Louise, but this has to be an error, as in the 1930 census her name is Charlotte.4,5,6,2 Carl Katz was from 1933 to 1939 a manager in Hackensack. In the 1940 census he is listed as a used car salesman. In 1941 he worked in Paterson.5,2,7 Charlotte was born in 1899 in New Jersey.2 Carl and Charlotte had 2 children: Carolyn and Philip.2 Carolyn was born in 1929 in New Jersey.2 Philip was born in 1932 in New Jersey.2

Edward Katz was born in 1893 in New Jersey.2 Edward Katz was not married.2 Edward Katz was a used car salesman.2 Edward lived in 1935 in Paterson, New Jersey.2

Bessie Sweeney was born in 1895 in Irish Free State.8

In 1931 it was listed as vacant.


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