Fair Lawn Ave1

The occupants of Fair Lawn Ave were:

#1. Cameron M. McCurdy (1931).

Cameron M. McCurdy was born in 1902 in Florida.2 Cameron M. McCurdy married Hazel J.1,3,2 Cameron M. McCurdy was the superintendant of the Abbott Court Apartments in Radburn. In 1939-41 he was the postmaster of the Fair Lawn Postoffice at River Road.3,4,2 Hazel was born in 1910 in Florida.2,5 Cameron and Hazel were listed in 1931 at Fair Lawn Ave, in 1933 at 302-H5 Highstreet, then in 1935 at 201-C7 Abbott Road, in 1937-9 back to 302-H5 Highstreet and in 1941-46 at 20 Ramapo Terrace.


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