201-C7 Abbott Road1

The occupants of 201-C7 Abbott Road were:

#1. Henry C. Mendenhall (1931).

Henry C. Mendenhall married Elsie W. in 1926.1 Henry C. Mendenhall was in 1931 a statistician.1

#2. Gail Bennett (1933).

The New York Times, 3 October 1932, pg. 32.
     Gail Bennett conveyed to Garden Estates Inc. a dwelling in Radburn, subject to three mortgages totaling $10,660. (Which house this was is so far unknown, as he is not listed in the census or the 1931 directory).2

Gail Bennett was born in 1896 in Iowa.3 Gail Bennett married Dorothy K. in 1926.3,4 Gail Bennett was a (retail and wholesale) jeweler in New York.4,3 Dorothy was born in 1902 in Iowa.3 Gail and Dorothy had 2 children: Gail (2) and Patricia (1), both born in Iowa.3 Gail and Dorothy were listed in 1933 at 201-C7 Abbott Road, in 1935 at 201-C5 Abbott Road, and in 1937 at 234 Phelps Road, Ridgewood.

#3. Cameron M. McCurdy (1935).

Cameron M. McCurdy was born in 1902 in Florida.5 Cameron M. McCurdy married Hazel J.1,4,5 Hazel was born in 1910 in Florida.5,6 Hazel J. McCurdy died on 1 September 1985.6 Cameron and Hazel were listed in 1931 at Fair Lawn Ave, in 1933 at 302-H5 Highstreet, then in 1935 at 201-C7 Abbott Road, in 1937-9 back to 302-H5 Highstreet and in 1941-46 at 20 Ramapo Terrace.

#4. Robert E. Ockford (1937).

Robert E. Ockford married Marie L.7 No occupation was listed for Robert E. Ockford.7

#5. John L. Milton (1939).

John L. Milton was born in 1909 in New Jersey.8 John L. Milton married Barbara P.9,8,10 John L. Milton was a lawyer in Jersey City.9,8,10 Barbara was born in 1913 in Massachusetts.8 John was listed in 1939 at 201-C7 Abbott Road, and in 1940-1 at 8 Bolton Place.

#6. John M. Ward (1941).

John M. Ward married Mildred M.10 John M. Ward was a lawyer in Paterson.10


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