302-E26 Highstreet1

302-E26 Highstreet was designated (113/138) Abbott Court South in the 1930 census, for the order of visitation (house/family), as no unit numbers were used.2
The occupants of 302-E26 Highstreet were:

#1. Richard Benner (from 1930 to 1931).
The monthly rent in 1930 was $78.-.2

Richard Benner was born in 1901 in Pennsylvania.2,3 Richard Benner married Dorothy E. in 1926.2,3 Richard Benner was in 1930 an engineer for an oil company, and later a mechanical engineer in New York. In 1933 his occupation was not listed.2,1,4,5,3 Richard Benner appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 302-E26 Highstreet, with Dorothy as wife, and their child Barbara.2 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Dorothy was born in 1905 in New York.2,3 Barbara was born in October 1928 in New Jersey.2,3 Richard was listed in 1930-1 at 302-E26 Highstreet, and in 1933-46 at 9 Bristol Place.

#3. August B. Hook and William J. Hook (1939).

August B. Hook was not married (at least no spouse was listed).5 August B. Hook was a salesman.5 William J. Hook married Leonie.5 William J. Hook was a salesman.5

#2. Edward C. Haynes (from 1935 to 1937).

Edward C. Haynes was born in 1893 in New Jersey.6 Edward C. Haynes married Florence H. in 1926.1,7,6 Edward C. Haynes was a (cargo) surveyor and civil engineer in New York. In the 1940 census he is listed as a cargo superintendent for an insurance adjuster.1,8,6 Florence was born in 1901 in New Jersey.6 Edward and Florence had a son Edward.7,6 Edward and Florence were listed in 1931-3 at 318B Plaza Road North, in 1935-7 at 302-E26 Highstreet, then in 1939-41 at 302-G6 Highstreet, and in 1944-6 at 201-D26 Abbott Road.

#4. Adrian F. Heffern (from 1940 to 1941).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $63.9

Adrian F. Heffern was born in 1894 in New Jersey.10,9 Adrian F. Heffern married Ann U. in 1925. In 1941 she is not listed.10,9 Adrian F. Heffern was an importer & exporter in New York. In the 1930 census he was listed as a salesman for a chemical company, in the 1940 census as a manager (export products).10,1,8,9 He owned a radio in 1930.10 Adrian and Ann lived in 1935 in Fair Lawn.9 Adrian Heffern was a Veteran of the World War.10 Adrian and Ann had a son Adrian Jr.9 Ann was born in 1898 in New Jersey.10,9 Adrian was born in 1927 in New Jersey.10 Adrian and Ann were listed in 1930-9 at 10 Aberdeen Place, and in 1940-1 at 302-E26 Highstreet.

In 1933 it was listed as vacant.


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