201-C32 Abbott Road1

201-C32 Abbott Road was designated (236/281) Abbott Court North in the 1930 census, for the order of visitation (house/family), as no unit numbers were used.2
The occupants of 201-C32 Abbott Road were:

#1. Eleonora Von Eltz (from 1930 to 1931).
The monthly rent in 1930 was $57.2

Eleonora Von Eltz was born in 1895 in Connecticut.2 Eleonora Von Eltz appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 201-C32 Abbott Road.2 Eleonora Von Eltz was in 1930 an organizer (real estate), in 1931 she was employed by the City Housing Corp.2,1 He did not own a radio in 1930.2

#6. Jane K. Coudert (1941).

Jane K. Coudert was born in 1901 in Pennsylvania.3 In from 1933 to 1937 he and Jane K. Coudert were proprietors of The Dutch House at Fair Lawn Ave in Fair Lawn. In 1940 John is a restaurant manager, and in 1941 Jane is listed as having no occupation.4,5,6,3 John and Jane were listed in 1935 at 18 Beekman Place, in 1933 and 1937 at Fair Lawn Ave (The Dutch House), then in 1939 as removed to Paterson, and in 1941 Jane alone at 201-C32 Abbott Road.

#2. Alexander Crawford (1933).

Alexander Crawford married Ruth S.5 Alexander Crawford was a manager in New York.5 Alexander was listed in 1933 at 201-C32 Abbott Road, and in 1935 at Saddle River Road, Fair Lawn.

#3. Helen M. O'Connor (1935).

Helen M. O'Connor was a teacher in Paterson.5 Helen was listed in 1933 at 302-F21 Highstreet, in 1935 at 201-C32 Abbott Road, and in 1937 at 85 Bradford, Glen Rock.

#4. William B. Harley (from 1937 to 1939).

William B. Harley was born in 1860 in Ireland.7,8 William B. Harley married Jennie in 1884.7,9 No occupation was listed in 1920 for William B. Harley.6,7,10 William B. Harley died on 23 August 1939.8,11 Jennie was born in 1862 in New Jersey.7

#5. William C. Egan.
The monthly rent in 1940 was $50.12

William C. Egan was born in 1904 in New Jersey.12 William C. Egan married Erna.12,8 William C. Egan was a lawyer.8,12 William lived in 1935 in Jersey City, New Jersey.12 Erna was born in 1907 in New York.12 Erna lived in 1935 in Bellair, Long Island, New York.12

In 1944 it was listed as vacant.


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