3 Bolton Place1

The occupants of 3 Bolton Place were:

#1. Harold C. Carroll (from 1931 to 1933).

Harold C. Carroll married Loretta M. in 1919.2 Harold C. Carroll was an editor in New York.2 Loretta was born in 1902 in New Jersey.3 Harold and Loretta were listed in 1931-3 at 3 Bolton Place, and in 1935 as removed to Montclair.

#2. Floyd R. Eastwood (1935).

Floyd R. Eastwood married Verna.4 Floyd R. Eastwood was a teacher in New York.4 Floyd was listed in 1933 at 4 Brighton Place, in 1935 at 3 Bolton Place, and in 1937 as removed to Lafayette, Indiana.

#3. Carrington A. Johnson (from 1939 to 1940).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $55.5

Carrington A. Johnson was born in 1901 in Illinois.5 Carrington A. Johnson married Helen E.6,5 Carrington A. Johnson died in 1969.7 Carrington A. Johnson was in 1935 a real estate agent, and later also an accountant in New York.6,8,5,9 Helen was born in 1907 in Illinois.7,5 Helen E. Johnson died on 12 August 1986.7 (Obituary in the Bergen Record on 13 August 1986, pg. C13).7 Carrington and Helen had 2 sons: Alfred and Franklin.5 Alfred was born in 1932 in New York.5 Franklin was born in 1935 in New Jersey.5 Carrington and Helen were listed in 1935-7 at 22A Townley Road, in 1939-40 at 3 Bolton Place, and in 1941-6 at 7 Addison Place.

#4. William J. Atchison (from 1941 to 1946).

William J. Atchison married Elizabeth.9 William J. Atchison was a clerk in New York.9 No occupation was listed for Helen Atchison.9 No occupation was listed for Marjorie E. Atchison.9

In 1937 it was listed as vacant.


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