1 Bolton Place1

The occupants of 1 Bolton Place were:

#1. Norman K. Logan (1931).

The New York Times, 3 August 1930, pg. 44.
     The City Housing Corporation sold the house at 1 Bolton Place, Radburn to Norman K. Logan of Woodside, LI.2
Norman K. Logan married Otiliee M. in 1928.3 Norman K. Logan was a salesman.3 Before coming to Radburn Norman lived in Woodside, Long Island.2

#4. Devereaux Martin (from 1940 to 1941).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $60.4

Devereaux Martin was born in 1906 in Massachusetts.4 Devereaux Martin married Florence.5,6,4 Devereaux Martin was a radio engineer in New York. In the census he is listed as a radio engineer at an airport.5,6,4 Florence was born in 1908 in Pennsylvania.4 Devereaux and Florence lived in 1935 in New Castle, Lincoln County, Maine.4 Devereaux and Florence had a son Benn.4 Benn was born in 1934 in Maine.4 Devereaux and Florence were listed in 1933 at 333 Plaza Road North, in 1935 as removed to Paramus, then in 1940-41 at 1 Bolton Place, and in 1944 at 2 Beekman Place.

#2. Hugh R. Partridge (from 1933 to 1937).

Hugh R. Partridge was born in 1891 in Illinois.7 Hugh R. Partridge married Martha.5,7 Hugh R. Partridge was a sugar broker in New York. In 1939-1941 he is an assistant treasurer (sugar broker).5,8,9,6,7 Martha was born in 1901 in New York.7 Hugh and Martha had 2 sons: Dirk and Anthony.7 Hugh and Martha were listed in 1933-7 at 1 Bolton Place, and in 1939-46 at 5 Audubon Place.

#3. Stanley C. Flawn (1939).

Stanley C. Flawn was born in 1885 in England.10,11 Stanley C. Flawn married Carolyn in 1925.10,11 Stanley C. Flawn was in 1931 an architect in Paterson. Later he worked in New York.10,3,8,9,11 He owned a radio in 1930.10 Stanley and Carolyn had a son Peter.11 L. was born in 1905 in Pennsylvania.10 Stanley and Carolyn were listed in 1930 at 322B Plaza Road North, in 1931 at 8 Burnham Place, then in 1933 as removed to East Orange, New Jersey, in 1935-7 at 201-B4 Abbott Road, in 1939 at 1 Bolton Place, in 1940 at 326B Plaza Road North, and in 1941-46 at 333 Plaza Road North.


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