4 Berkeley Place1

The occupants of 4 Berkeley Place were:

#1. Leland A. Chappelle (from 1930 to 1931).
The value of the house in 1930 was $9,500.2

The New York Times, 2 February 1930, pg. 36.
     The City Housing Corporation sold the one-family house at 4 Berkeley Place, Radburn, New Jersey to Leland A. Chappelle.3

Leland A. Chappelle was born in 1900 in New York.2 Leland A. Chappelle married Ethel in 1925.2 Leland A. Chappelle was a salesman (of fire apparatus), later a policeman.2,4,5 Leland Chappelle appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 4 Berkeley Place, with Ethel as wife, and their child Dorothy.2 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Ethel was born in 1899 in New York.2 Dorothy was born in 1927 in New York.2 Leland and Ethel were listed in 1930-1 at 4 Berkeley Place, in 1933-7 at 3 Brighton Place, and in 1939 as removed to Morristown Alice W. Chappelle moved with them.

#2. Harold A. Cooley (1933).

The New York Times, 1 July 1931, pg. 49.
     The City Housing Corporation sold a house at 4 Berkeley Place to Harold A. Cooley of Williamsport, PA.6
Harold A. Cooley married Minnie.5 Harold A. Cooley was a salesman.5 Harold was listed in 1933 at 4 Berkeley Place, in 1935 at 2 Ashburn Place, and in 1937 at 303 S. Maple Ave, Ridgewood.

#3. Robert F. Kendall (from 1935 to 1946).
The value of the house in 1940 was $6,000.7

Robert F. Kendall was born in 1904 in Pennsylvania.7 Robert F. Kendall married Gertrude E.8,7 Robert F. Kendall was an advertising writer in New York. In the 1940 census he was listed as a copywriter in an advertising agency.8,7 Gertrude was born in 1904 in New Jersey.7 Robert and Gertrude had 2 children: Robert Jr. and Jean.7 Robert was born in 1927 in New Jersey.7,9,10 Jean was born in 1931 in New Jersey.7 Robert F. Kendall Jr graduated on 20 July 1944 from Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood. Robert was one of the last graduating class of Radburnites of Ridgewood High School. He planned to become a Navy radio technician.9
The Fair Lawn - Paramus Clarion, 21 July 1944, pg. 6.
     Robert F. Kendall Jr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kendall of Berkeley Place, left yesterday for training as a radio technician in the Army. He graduated from Ridgewood High School on Friday.9


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