8 Ashburn Place1

The occupants of 8 Ashburn Place were:

#1. John O. Walker (from 1929 to 1935).
The value of the house in 1930 was $10,500.2

The New York Times, 23 June 1929, pg. RE1.
     John O. Walker of Tennessee was among the early settlers of Radburn.3

John O. Walker was born in 1888 in Virginia.2 John O. Walker married Evelyn D. in 1919.2 John O. Walker appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 8 Ashburn Place, with Evelyn D. as wife, and their children J. Denby and Agatha J..2 John O. Walker was the manager of the Radburn Association at 115 (203) Plaza Road North in Radburn. In 1931 he was also an ass. municipal consultant.2,4 He did not own a radio in 1930.2 John O. Walker was a Veteran of the World War.2 Evelyn was born in 1893 in England.2 J. was born in 1922 in Virginia.2 Agatha was born in 1922 in Virginia.2

#2. Rev. Bedros K. Apelian (from 1927 to 1946).
The value of the house in 1940 was $7500.5

Rev. Bedros K. Apelian was born in 1888 in Syria.5 Rev. Bedros K. Apelian married May D.6,7,5 Rev. Bedros K. Apelian was the Pastor of the Church in Radburn. His office was at 115-214 Plaza Road N in the Plaza Building.6,7,5 May was born in 1891 in Wales.5


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