1 Aberdeen Place1

The occupants of 1 Aberdeen Place were:

#1. Robert B. Newman (1931).

The New York Times, 29 April 1930, pg. 53.
     The City Housing Corporation has transferred the one-family house at 1 Aberdeen Place, Radburn, New Jersey to Robert Bruce Newman of West New York, NJ.2
Robert B. Newman married Viola M.3 Robert B. Newman was a salesman in New York.3

#2. Donald Lloyd (1933).

Donald Lloyd married Babette.4 Donald Lloyd was an engineer.4

#3. George G. Deaver (from 1935 to 1937).

George G. Deaver married Helen G.5 George G. Deaver was a professor in New York.5 George was listed in 1935-7 at 1 Aberdeen Place, and in 1939 at 152 Woodland Ave, Ridgewood.

#4. Clifford D. Wesler (from 1939 to 1941).
     In 1939 Harold Wesler and Henry H. Wesler are also listed.
The monthly rent in 1940 was $60.6

Clifford D. Wesler was born in 1902 in New York.6 Clifford D. Wesler married Lillian.7,6 Clifford D. Wesler was a clerk (tobacco sales) in New York.7,6 Lillian was born in 1901 in New York.6 Clifford and Lillian lived in 1935 in New York City, New York.6 Clifford and Lillian had a son Clifford Jr.6 Clifford was born in 1936 in New York.6
Harold Wesler was a salesman.7
Henry H. Wesler married Katherine A.7 No occupation was listed for Henry H. Wesler.7 Harold and Henry were listed in 1939 at 1 Aberdeen Place, and in 1941 as removed to Totowa.


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