201-A34 Abbott Road1

The occupants of 201-A34 Abbott Road were:

#1. Johan E. Phragmen (1933).

Johan E. Phragmen married Eleanor C.2 No occupation was listed for Johan E. Phragmen.2,3 Johan was listed in 1933 at 201-A34 Abbott Road, and in 1939 at 302-G40 Highstreet.

#2. Harold Herberg (1935).

Harold Herberg was not married (at least no spouse was listed).4 Harold Herberg was a clerk in New York.4

#3. Irwin S. Webster (1937).

Irwin S. Webster married Sylvia C.5 Irwin S. Webster was an engineer at the PSE&G Co.5

#4. George E. Jacques (from 1939 to 1940).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $63.6

George E. Jacques was born in 1908 in New York.6 George E. Jacques married Doris E.3,6 George E. Jacques was a salesman (printing ink).3,6 George lived in 1935 in Maspeth, Queens County, New York.6 Doris was born in 1913 in New Jersey.6 Doris lived in 1935 in Bayonne, New Jersey.6 George and Doris were listed in 1939-40 at 201-A34 Abbott Road, in 1941 at 335 Howard Ave, and in 1944-6 at 17 Beekman Place.

201-A34 Abbott Road was not listed in the numerical directory in 1946. In 1931, 1941, and 1944 it was listed as vacant.


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