201-C26 Abbott Road1

The occupants of 201-C26 Abbott Road were:

#1. Earl E. Hughes (1931).

Earl E. Hughes married Eleanor W. in 1926.1

#2. Robert L. Dorsey (1933).

Robert L. Dorsey married Marion A.2 Robert L. Dorsey was in insurance in New York.2 Robert was listed in 1933 at 201-C26 Abbott Road, in 1935 at 6 Bolton Place, and in 1937 at 224 N. Monroe Ave, Ridgewood.

#3. Jerome G. Stock (from 1937 to 1939).

Jerome G. Stock married Lucy W.3 Jerome G. Stock was an accountant in Paterson.3 Jerome was listed in 1937-9 at 201-C26 Abbott Road, and in 1941 at 46 S. Monroe, Ridgewood.

#4. Matthew C. Thompson (1940).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $62.4

Matthew C. Thompson was born in 1911 in West Virginia.4 Matthew C. Thompson married Margaret.4,5 Matthew C. Thompson was a salesman (for a hosiery company).4,5 Margaret was born in 1913 in Maryland.4 Matthew and Margaret lived in 1935 in Charlotte, North Carolina.4 Matthew and Margaret had 2 sons: Matthew C. Jr. and James C.4 Matthew was born in 1937.4 James was born in November 1939.4 No birth state was listed for Matthew and James in the 1940 census.4

#5. Donald H. Spicer (1941).

Donald H. Spicer married Pauline A.5 Donald H. Spicer was a manager in Paterson.5

In 1935 it was listed as vacant.


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