201-C23 Abbott Road1

The occupants of 201-C23 Abbott Road were:

#1. Franklyn E. Doan (1933).

Franklyn E. Doan married Mary A.1 Franklyn E. Doan was a salesman.1

#2. John E. Woodman (1935).

John E. Woodman was born in 1895 in Maine.2 John E. Woodman married Charlotte R.3,2 John E. Woodman was a register representative in New York. In the 1940 census he is listed as a cash register mechanic in a dept. store.3,4,2,5 Charlotte was born in 1899 in Ohio.2 John and Charlotte had a daughter Patty.2 John was listed in 1935 at 201-C23 Abbott Road, in 1937-40 at 10 Brighton Place, and in 1941-6 at 1 Ramsey Terrace.

#3. George H. Smith (1937).

George H. Smith was born in 1911.6 George H. Smith graduated in 1932 from Yale.6 He married Ruth Mackey on 18 March 1933 in the Church in Radburn. She was of 7 Ashburn Place.7 George H. Smith was a clerk, and later an actuary accountant in New York.3,5 George H. Smith died on 2 April 1997 in Chatham.6 (Obituary in the Bergen Record on 4 April 1997, pg. L8).6
Ruth Mackey was born in 1914 in New York.8 Ruth Mackey died on 13 November 1992 in Midland Park.7,9 (Obituary in the Bergen Record on 15 November 1992, pg. A14).9 George and Ruth were listed in 1935 at 201-C31 Abbott Road, in 1937 at 201-C23 Abbott Road, then in 1939 at 334A Plaza Road North, and in 1941-6 at 13-19 Plaza Road South.

#4. Harold M. LaRoe (from 1939 to 1940).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $53.10

Harold M. LaRoe was born in 1902 in Virginia.10 Harold M. LaRoe married Ruth.4,10 Harold M. LaRoe was employed at the PSE&G Co. In the 1940 census he is listed as an engineer (public service).4,10 Ruth was born in 1913 in New Jersey.10 Harold and Ruth had a daughter Judith Ann.10 Judith was born in February 1940 in New Jersey.10

#5. John P. Riley (from 1941 to 1944).

John P. Riley was born in 1913 in New York.11 John P. Riley married Ellen.11,5 John P. Riley was an auditor for an insurance company.11 Ellen was born in 1915 in New York.11 Ellen Riley was a teacher at the Radburn Nursery School.5,11

201-C23 Abbott Road was not listed in the numerical directory in 1931.


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