201-A24 Abbott Road1

201-A24 Abbott Road was designated (112/122) Abbott Court North in the 1930 census, for the order of visitation (house/family), as no unit numbers were used.2
The occupants of 201-A24 Abbott Road were:

#1. Joseph E. Keeton (from 1930 to 1933).
The monthly rent in 1930 was $86.-.2

Joseph E. Keeton was born in 1882 in Connecticut.2,3 Joseph E. Keeton married Sally W. in 1909.2,3 Jos. E. Keeton appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 201-A24 Abbott Road, with Sally W. as wife, and their child Douglas E..2 Joseph E. Keeton was a salesman (for a heating company).2,1,3 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Sally was born in 1881 in New York.2,3 Douglas was born in 1912 in New Jersey.2 Joseph and Sally were listed in 1930-3 at 201-A24 Abbott Road, and in 1935-40 at 201-A37 Abbott Road.

#2. Frank A. Matier (1935).

Frank A. Matier married Jane.4 Frank A. Matier was a buyer in New York.4

#3. William J. J. Sluyter (1937).

William J. J. Sluyter married Manilla G.5 William J. J. Sluyter was an electrical engineer in New York.5

#4. Richard E. McLeod (1939).

Richard E. McLeod married Marcella E.6 Richard E. McLeod was a salesman in Lodi.5,6 Richard was listed in 1937 at 302-G31 Highstreet, and in 1939 at 201-A24 Abbott Road.

#5. Samuel T. Robinson (1941).

Samuel T. Robinson was not married (at least no spouse was listed).7 No occupation was listed for Samuel T. Robinson.7


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