2 Bristol Place1

The New York Times, 18 October 1931, pg. 159.
     New Construction at Bristol Place.2
The occupants of 2 Bristol Place were:

#1. John Feinler (1935).

John Feinler was born in 1902 in New York.3 John Feinler married Mary E. in 1925.4,5,3 John Feinler was from 1933 to 1937 employed in a garage in Brooklyn, New York. (He probably owned it). In 1939 he was in insurance in New York, and in 1940-41 an insurance agent.6,5,7,3 Mary was born in 1903 in New Jersey.3 John and Mary were listed in 1931-3 at 328 Howard Ave, in 1935 at 2 Bristol Place, then in 1937 at 302-H27 Highstreet, in 1939 at 12 Berkeley Place, in 1940-1 at 344A Plaza Road North, and in 1944 at 201-A35 Abbott Road.

#2. T. William Dodds (1937).

T. William Dodds married Margaret.8 T. William Dodds was an oil salesman in New York.8

#3. Walton B. Miller (1939).

Walton B. Miller was born in 1901 in Illinois.9 Walton B. Miller married Emma A.10,9 Walton B. Miller was an assistant manager in Jersey City. Later he worked in real estate in Newark.10,5,9 Emma was born in 1906 in Virginia.9 Walton and Emma had 2 sons: Benton and David.9 Walton and Emma were listed in 1935-7 at 11A Burnham Place, in 1939 at 2 Bristol Place, then in 1940-1 at 1 Bristol Place, and in 1944-6 at 10 Bedford Place.

#4. Robert K. Brown (1940).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $68.11

Robert J. Brown was born in 1905 in Ohio.11 Robert J. Brown married Evelyn E.10,11 Robert J. Brown was an airplane worker. In 1939 he was an assistant sales manager in Paterson. In the 1940 census he was listed as a salesmanager (airplane engines).10,5,11 Evelyn was born in 1909 in New Jersey.11 Robert and Evelyn lived in 1935 in Passaic, Passaic County, New Jersey.11 Robert and Evelyn had 2 children: Robert M. and Barbara Lyn.11 Robert was born in 1933 in New Jersey.11 Barbara was born in 1936 in New Jersey.11 Robert and Evelyn were listed in 1935-9 at 18 Reading Terrace, and in 1940 at 2 Bristol Place.

#5. Frank B. Page (from 1941 to 1944).

Frank B. Page married Dorothy H.7 Frank B. Page was an engineer in Paterson.7

2 Bristol Place was not listed in the numerical directory before 1933. In 1933 it was listed as vacant.


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