11 Bedford Place1

The occupants of 11 Bedford Place were:

#1. Thomas B. Rhodes (1935).

Thomas B. Rhodes married Katherine K.2 Thomas B. Rhodes was a salesman.2

#2. Joseph M. Arnold (1937).

Joseph M. Arnold married Martha E.3 No occupation was listed for Joseph M. Arnold.3

#3. Don Tullis (1939).

Don Tullis was born in 1910 in Indiana.4 Don Tullis married Isabel.5,4 Don Tullis was a superintendent of prod. in New York. In the 1940 census he is listed as an office manger for an insurance company.5,4 Isabel was born in 1911 in New York.4 Don and Isabel were listed in 1939 at 11 Bedford Place, in 1940 at 16 Bedford Place, and in 1941 as removed to Mahwah.

#4. Warren S. Moffett (1941).

Warren S. Moffett was born in 1905 in New Jersey.6 Warren S. Moffett married Luella B.3,6 No occupation was listed for Warren S. Moffett. In 1941 he was a sales manager in Hackensack.3,5,6,7 Luella was born in 1907 in New Jersey.6 Warren and Luella were listed in 1937 at 302-H6 Highstreet, in 1939-40 at 11 Arlington Place, then in 1941 at 11 Bedford Place, and in 1944-6 at 302-H37 Highstreet.

#5. Robert L. Tripp (from 1944 to 1946).

Robert L. Tripp was born in 1908 in New York.8 Robert L. Tripp married Carolyn G.2,8 Carolyn was born in 1910 in New Jersey.8 Robert and Carolyn were listed in 1935-41 at 201-B32 Abbott Road, and in 1944-6 at 11 Bedford Place.

11 Bedford Place was not listed in the numerical directory before 1933. In 1933 it was listed as vacant.


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