3 Burnham Place1

The occupants of 3 Burnham Place were:

#1. Cauldwell N. Fraser (1931).

Cauldwell N. Fraser was born in 1891 in New York.2 Cauldwell N. Fraser married Lillian E. in 1919.3,2 Cauldwell N. Fraser was an insurance agent in New York. In 1931 he is listed as a special agent in Newark, and 1933 no occupation was listed.3,4,5 Lillian was born in 1893 in New York.2,6 Cauldwell and Lillian had a daughter Helen L.6,2 Cauldwell and Lillian were listed in 1931 at 3 Burnham Place, in 1933 at 321 Plaza Road North, then in 1935-40 at 326A Plaza Road North, and in 1941-6 at 17 Reading Terrace.

#2. John T. Ackerson (from 1933 to 1946).
     His father John G. Ackerson is listed with him from 1933-1940, his mother is listed as Birdella G. Ackerson in the census, but seems to be listed as Mary in the directories.
The value of the house in 1940 was $6,000.7

John T. Ackerson was born in 1898 in New Jersey.7 John T. Ackerson married Katherine B.4,7 John T. Ackerson was in 1933 in insurance in New York. After 1935 he is a law clerk.4,8,7 Katherine was born in 1898 in Pennsylvania.7 Katherine B. Ackerson was a teacher at a private school.7 John and Katherine had a daughter Nancy Mary. Nancy was born in 1924 in New Jersey.7
John G. Ackerson was born in 1858 in New York.7 John G. Ackerson married Birdella G.8,9 John G. Ackerson was in insurance in New York. No occupation is listed in 1940.9,7 Birdella was born in 1865 in New York.7


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