14 Brighton Place1

The occupants of 14 Brighton Place were:

#1. Herbert E. Newham (from 1931 to 1939).

Herbert E. Newham was born in 1906 in New Jersey.2 Herbert E. Newham married Helena E.3,2 Herbert E. Newham was a salesman (hosiery) in New York.3,2 Herbert was listed as Herman E. Newham in the 1931-35 directories. Helena was born in 1905 in New York.2 Herbert and Helena were listed in 1931-9 at 14 Brighton Place, and in 1940-6 at 325 Howard Ave.

#2. Richard F. Remer (from 1940 to 1944).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $58.4

Richard F. Remer was born in 1911 in New Jersey.4 Richard F. Remer married Carolyn P.5,4 Richard F. Remer was a salesman (mec. ice box).5,4,6 Richard lived in 1935 in Teaneck, New Jersey.4 Carolyn was born in 1913 in New Jersey.4 Carolyn lived in 1935 in Mt. Vernon, New York.4 Richard and Carolyn had a son Richard.4 Richard was born in October 1939 in New Jersey.4 Richard was listed in 1937 at 302-G41 Highstreet, in 1939 at 14B Townley Road, and in 1940-4 at 14 Brighton Place.


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