12 Brearly Crescent1

The occupants of 12 Brearly Crescent were:

#1. Michael J. Quinn (from 1930 to 1931).
     Joseph Quinn lives with him.
The value of the house in 1930 was $11,300.2

Michael J. Quinn was born in 1898 in North Ireland.2 Michael J. Quinn married Kathleen in 1928.2 Michael J. Quinn appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 12 Brearly Crescent, with Kathleen as wife. Enumerated with him was Joseph Quinn, cousin.2 Michael J. Quinn was the owner of a dairy in Paterson.2,3 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Kathleen was born in 1930 in North Ireland.2 Michael and Kathleen were listed in 1930-1 at 12 Brearly Crescent, and in 1933 as removed to Paterson

Joseph Quinn was born in 1910 in North Ireland.2 Joseph Quinn was in 1930 a driver for a dairy, in 1931 a chauffeur.2,3

#2. Alexander G. McCaw (from 1933 to 1946).
     In 1939-1941 Kathleen J. McCaw lives with him.
The value of the house in 1940 was $9,000.4

The New York Times, 2 July 1931, pg. 50.
     The City Housing Corporation sold a house at 12 Brearly Crescent, Radburn to Alexander McCaw of Brooklyn.5

Alexander G. McCaw was born in 1892 in Scotland.4 Alexander G. McCaw married Jean R.6,7 Alexander G. McCaw was an accountant in New York.6,4 Jean R. McCaw died circa 1936. (Starting in 1937 she is no longer listed in the directories, and her husband Alexander was a widower in the 1940 census).7,4 Alexander and Jean had a daughter Kathleen J.4 Kathleen was born in 1919 in Scotland.4 Kathleen J. McCaw was in 1941 a stenographer in New York. In the 1940 census she is listed as a new worker.4,8
The Ridgewood Sunday News, 20 January 1935, pg. 7.
     Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McCaw of Brearley Crescent sailed on Friday for Scotland, called there by the serious illness of Mrs. McCaw's mother.9


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