5 Burlington Place1

The occupants of 5 Burlington Place were:

#1. John B. Canale (from 1930 to 1933).
The value of the house in 1930 was $10,000.2

John B. Canale was born in 1897 in Italy.2 John B. Canale married Erna in 1928.2 John B. Canale appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 5 Burlington Place, with Erna as wife.2 John B. Canale was a (real estate) superintendent in New York.2,3 He owned a radio in 1930.2 John Canale was a Veteran of the World War.2 Erna was born in 1899 in Illinois.2

#2. John M. Aherne (1935).
     His mother-in-law Anna R. Sweeney is listed also.

John M. Aherne was born in 1901 in Massachusetts.4 John M. Aherne married Gertrude S.5,4 John M. Aherne was a lawyer in New York.5,4 Gertrude was born in 1901 in Pennsylvania.4 John and Gertrude had a daughter Ann.4 John and Gertrude were listed in 1935 at 5 Burlington Place, and in 1937-46 at 13 Burlington Place. Anna R. Sweeney moves with him.
Anna R. Sweeney was born in 1857 in Pennsylvania.4 Anna R. Sweeney was widowed (Spouse: Harry E).6,4 No occupation was listed for Anna R. Sweeney.6

#3. Frederick C. McMullen (from 1937 to 1946).
     In 1941 Nellie J. Bradley is also listed at this address.
The value of the house in 1940 was $7,000.7

Frederick C. McMullen was born in 1900 in Pennsylvania.7 Frederick C. McMullen married Drew.8,7 Frederick C. McMullen was an electrical engineer (aviation engines) in New York.8,6,7 Drew was born in 1907 in Virginia.7 Frederick and Drew lived in 1935 in Fair Lawn.7 Frederick and Drew had a daughter Joanne Drew.7 Joanne was born in 1930 in Ohio.7 Frederick was listed in 1933 at 346B Plaza Road North, in 1935 at 14 Aberdeen Place, and in 1937-46 at 5 Burlington Place.

Nellie J. Bradley was widowed (Spouse: James K).9 No occupation was listed for Nellie J. Bradley.9


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