7 Bancroft Place1

The occupants of 7 Bancroft Place were:

#1. John J. Lange (from 1930 to 1933).
The value of the house in 1930 was $9,500.2

John J. Lange was born in 1906 in New York.2 John J. Lange married Margaret L. on 21 October 1929 in Greenbrook Country Club, Montclair, New Jersey.3,2 John D. Lange appeared on the 1930 Census as the head of household at 7 Bancroft Place, with Margaret L. as wife.2 John J. Lange was in 1930 a stock and bonds broker, in 1931 a manager in New York. In 1933 he was listed as a clerk in Paterson.2,4,5 He owned a radio in 1930.2 Margaret was born in 1908 in New Jersey.2 Before coming to Radburn John lived in Brooklyn and Margaret in Montclair.3 John and Margaret were listed in 1930-3 at 7 Bancroft Place, and in 1935 as removed to Paterson.

The New York Times, 21 September 1929, pg. 26.
     Keresey-Lange Wedding.3

#2. Patrick M. Casey (1935).

Patrick M. Casey married Ann T.6 No occupation was listed for Patrick M. Casey.6 Patrick was listed in 1935 at 7 Bancroft Place, and in 1937 as removed to New York.

#3. Elden M. Shonka (from 1937 to 1946).
The value of the house in 1940 was $7,500.7

Elden M. Shonka was born in 1900 in Nebraska.7 Elden M. Shonka married Mildred G.8,9,7 Elden M. Shonka was an assistant treasurer, and in 1941 a cashier in New York. In the 1940 census he is listed as a supervisor (telephone exchange?).8,9,7,10 Mildred was born in 1908 in Iowa.7 Elden and Mildred lived in 1935 in East Orange, Essex County, New Jersey.7 Elden and Mildred had 2 daughters: Beverly and Jamie.7 Beverly was born in 1933 in New Jersey.7 Jamie was born in 1934 in New Jersey.7


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