5 Ashburn Place1

The occupants of 5 Ashburn Place were:

#1. William H. Hennion (1933).

William H. Hennion married Elsie.2 William H. Hennion was a trucker.2 In 1933 his business was listed at 5 Ashburn Place, but his address is always at Bellair Ave, Fair Lawn.3,4

#2. William C. Lazo (from 1933 to 1935).

The New York Times, 8 November 1930, pg. 32.
     In Radburn the City Housing Corporation sold a house at 5 Ashburn Place to William C. Layo of the Bronx.5

William C. Lazo was born in 1902 in Guatamala.6 William C. Lazo married Elizabeth K.7,6 William C. Lazo was a trust officer in New York. In the 1940 census he is listed as a trust investment manager for a bank.2,6 Elizabeth was born in 1904 in Virginia.6 William and Elizabeth were listed in 1933-5 at 5 Ashburn Place, and in 1937-46 at 10 Audubon Place.

#3. Arnold B. Covey (1937).

Arnold B. Covey married Eula.3 Arnold B. Covey was an electrical engineer in New York.3 Arnold was listed in 1931 at 302-G6 Highstreet, in 1933 at 201-C24 Abbott Road, then in 1935 at 12 Aberdeen Place, in 1937 at 5 Ashburn Place, and in 1939 at 144 Unadilla Road, Ridgewood.

#4. Richard B. Williams (from 1939 to 1941).
     In 1940 a maid Marjorie Freeman is enumerated with him.
The monthly rent in 1940 was $65.8

Richard B. Williams was born in 1906 in Kansas.8 Richard B. Williams married Helen D.7,9,8 Richard B. Williams was a statistician in New York. In the 1940 census he is listed as an analyst for an express company.7,9,8 Helen was born in 1905 in Ohio.8 Richard and Helen lived in 1935 in Forest Hills, Queens County, New York.8 Richard and Helen had 3 daughters: Jennie, Judith and Elizabeth.8 Jennie was born in 1932 in New York.8 Judith was born in 1935 in New York.8 Elizabeth was born in October 1939 in New York.8 Richard and Helen were listed in 1937 at 8 Reading Terrace, and in 1939-41 at 5 Ashburn Place.
Marjorie Freeman was born in 1913 in New Jersey.8 Marjorie lived in 1935 in Passaic, New Jersey.8

#6. Earl Nicholson (1946).
Earl and Ester were listed in 1939 at 4 Bolton Place, in 1940-1 at 6 Bristol Place, and in 1946 at 5 Ashburn Place.10

In 1931 it was listed as vacant.


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