9 Aberdeen Place1

The occupants of 9 Aberdeen Place were:

#1. Walker E. Morison (1930).

The New York Times, 26 January 1930, pg. 47.
     The City Housing Corporation sold a one-family house at 9 Aberdeen Place, Radburn, New Jersey, to Walker E. Morison of Scarsdale, NY.2
Walker E. Morison is not listed in any directories.

#2. Stephen E. Washer (1931).

Stephen E. Washer married Anna B.3 Stephen E. Washer was an (auto) salesman in Paterson.4 Stephen was listed in 1931 at 9 Aberdeen Place, and in 1933 at 149 S. Pleasant Ave, Ridgewood

#3. Patrick A. Boeuquardez (1933).

The New York Times, 31 January 1932, pg. RE1.
     the City Housing Corporation sold a house in Radburn to Albert D. Bourquardez.5
Patrick A. Boeuquardez married Mary M.3 Patrick A. Boeuquardez was a salesman.3

The New York Times, 28 June 1933, pg. 39.
     Albert P. Bourquardez conveyed to Garden Estates Inc. a house mortgaged at $9,800 at 9 Aberdeen Place.6

#4. Charles B. Huffman (1935).

The New York Times, 28 January 1934, pg. RE2.
     A house at 9 Aberdeen Place, Radburn, NJ was purchased by Charles B. Huffman.7

Charles B. Huffman was born in 1898 in New Jersey.8 Charles B. Huffman married Frances in 1924.8 Charles B. Huffman was in 1930 a stocks and bond broker, in 1931 a clerk, and in 1935 an auditor in New York.8,4,9 He owned a radio in 1930.8 Charles Huffman was a Veteran of the World War.8 Charles B. Huffman died before 1939.10 Frances was born in 1899 in New Jersey.8,11 Charles and Frances were listed in 1930-1 at 201-B22 Abbott Road, in 1935 at 9 Aberdeen Place, then Frances alone in 1939 at 342A Plaza Road North, in 1941 at 201-C21 Abbott Road, and in 1946 at 9 Ryder Road. They are not listed in 1933 and 1937.

#5. Clarence M. Zener (from 1937 to 1940).
The monthly rent in 1940 was $57.12

Clarence M. Zener was born in 1906 in Indiana.12 Clarence M. Zener married Ruby L.10,12 Clarence M. Zener was a teacher in New York. In the census he is listed as a physics teacher at a university.10,12 Ruby was born in 1905 in England.12 Clarence and Ruby lived in 1935 in St. Louis, Missouri.12 Clarence and Ruby had 3 children: John Richard, Jean Elizabeth and Robert Vuton.12 John was born in 1932 in Pennsylvania.12 Jean was born in 1934 in England.12 Robert was born in 1936 in Missouri.12 Clarence and Ruby were listed in 1937-40 at 9 Aberdeen Place, and in 1941 as removed to Washington State

#7. Herbert F. Geier (1946).

Herbert F. Geier was born in 1907 in New York.13 Herbert F. Geier married Georgiana A.14,13 Herbert F. Geier was a mechanical engineer in New York. In the 1940 census he was listed as a salesman for a wholesale bakery.14,13 Georgiana was born in 1902 in Michigan.13 Herbert was listed in 1941-4 at 3 Brighton Place, and in 1946 at 9 Aberdeen Place.

#6. Paul B. Christensen (from 1941 to 1944).

Paul B. Christensen married Adelaide A.14 Paul B. Christensen was an engineer in New York.14


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