1941 Numerical Directory for Radburn, from the Price & Lee Ridgewood City Directory, including Glen Rock, Midland Park and Fair Lawn

To find a name, use Ctr-F.

201-A4 Abbott Road     Robert T. Armstrong (h).
201-A5 Abbott Road     Vacant.
201-A6 Abbott Road     Robert N. Lewis (h).
201-B1 Abbott Road     Barbara H. Vogt (h).
201-B4 Abbott Road     George H. Keller (h).
201-B6 Abbott Road     Mrs. Ruth B. Lange (h).
201-C2 Abbott Road     Juliet E. Robb (h).
201-C3 Abbott Road     Edward J. Carroll (h).
201-C5 Abbott Road     Walter Bender (h).
201-C7 Abbott Road     John M. Ward (h).
201-D3 Abbott Road     Charles R. Wells (h).
201-D4 Abbott Road     Raymond P. Peterson (h).
201-D6 Abbott Road     John P. Hogan (h).
201-A24 Abbott Road     Samuel T. Robinson (h).
201-A25 Abbott Road     Mrs Eliza Healy (h)
201-A25 Abbott Road     Bertha Healy (r)
201-A25 Abbott Road     Reta H. Healy (r).
201-A27 Abbott Road     Mrs Olga H. McCullough (h)
201-A27 Abbott Road     Constance McCullough (r)
201-A27 Abbott Road     M. Dorothy McCullough (r)
201-A27 Abbott Road     Herbert I. Hansen (r).
201-B20 Abbott Road     Paul H. Graef (h).
201-B21 Abbott Road     Carl R. Gaede (h).
201-B22 Abbott Road     Mrs. Mabel R. Bannister (h).
201-B23 Abbott Road     Mrs Fanny F. Benton (h)
201-B23 Abbott Road     Ethel F. Benton (r).
201-C20 Abbott Road     Mrs. Jeannette R. Banta (h).
201-C21 Abbott Road     Frances Huffman (h).
201-C22 Abbott Road     Iris W. Dean (h).
201-C23 Abbott Road     John P. Riley (h)
201-C23 Abbott Road     Mrs Ellen Riley (r).
201-C24 Abbott Road     Vacant.
201-C26 Abbott Road     Donald H. Spicer (h).
201-D23 Abbott Road     Ralph B. Maust (h).
201-D24 Abbott Road     Mary N. Walker (h)
201-D24 Abbott Road     Alice Walker (r).
201-D26 Abbott Road     Vacant.
201-A34 Abbott Road     Vacant.
201-A35 Abbott Road     Vacant.
201-A37 Abbott Road     Mrs. Lydie H. Eves (h)
201-A37 Abbott Road     Donald S. Eves (r).
201-B30 Abbott Road     George A. Sporn (h).
201-B31 Abbott Road     Frank J. Bleil (h).
201-B32 Abbott Road     Robert L. Tripp (h).
201-B33 Abbott Road     John B. Betts (h).
201-C30 Abbott Road     Ethel B. Reil (h).
201-C31 Abbott Road     Frederick S. Fiore (h).
201-C32 Abbott Road     Mrs Jane K. Coudert (h).
201-C33 Abbott Road     Wesley Cocker (h).
201-C34 Abbott Road     Virginia D. Coyle (h)
201-C34 Abbott Road     J. Evelyn Gunnison (r).
201-C36 Abbott Road     Lester J. Barrett (h).
201-B40 Abbott Road     John W. Moffat Jr. (h).
201-B41 Abbott Road     Fred C. Lotz (h).
201-B42 Abbott Road     Edward D. Patterson (h).
201-B43 Abbott Road     Arthur J. Burke (h).
1 Aberdeen Place     Clifford D. Wesler (h).
2 Aberdeen Place     Matthew C. Thompson (h).
3 Aberdeen Place     Edwin S. Allen (h).
4 Aberdeen Place     Frederick C. Earl (h).
5 Aberdeen Place     William I. Thompson (h).
6 Aberdeen Place     Kenneth Kasschau (h).
7 Aberdeen Place     Mostyn Jones (h).
8 Aberdeen Place     Ruben A. Beman (o) (h).
9 Aberdeen Place     Paul B. Christensen (h).
10 Aberdeen Place     Thomas L. Frankenberg (h).
11 Aberdeen Place     Kurt Josten (h).
11A Aberdeen Place     William F. Evans (h).
12 Aberdeen Place     Frank W. Oakes (h)
12 Aberdeen Place     Louise M. Oakes (r).
14 Aberdeen Place     Edward W. Lambert (h).
15 Aberdeen Place     Walter K. Warren (o) (h).
16 Aberdeen Place     William T. Roth (o) (h).
17 Aberdeen Place     Ronald W. Stewart (h).
18 Aberdeen Place     Carl S. Carlson (o) (h).
1 Addison Place     Herbert N. Campbell (o) (h).
3 Addison Place     W. M. Johnson (o) (h).
4 Addison Place     Vacant.
5 Addison Place     Vacant.
6 Addison Place     Vacant.
7 Addison Place     Carrington A. Johnson (o) (h).
8 Addison Place     J. Alan Schade (o) (h).
9 Addison Place     Alfred E. Suter (o) (h).
10 Addison Place     Harold C. Parmley (o) (h).
11 Addison Place     Paul Van Duren (o) (h).
1 Allen Place     C. Howard Blackley (h).
2 Allen Place     Walter A. Lapham (h).
3 Allen Place     William B. Maynard (h).
4 Allen Place     William S. Roeder (o) (h).
5 Allen Place     Charles M. Gladstone (o) (h).
6 Allen Place     John B. Wilson (h).
7 Allen Place     Wainwright Holt (o) (h).
8 Allen Place     J. Stuart Blundell (o) (h).
9 Allen Place     Philip H. Grosch (o) (h)
9 Allen Place     Anna Grosch (r).
10 Allen Place     Joseph L. Brewer (o) (h)
10 Allen Place     Beulah G. Hall (r)
10 Allen Place     Adelaide Miller (r).
11 Allen Place     John A. Pierce (h).
11A Allen Place     Frank W. McDonell (o) (h).
12 Allen Place     Elmer A. Smith (o) (h).
14 Allen Place     Howard Y. Zeller (o) (h).
Andover Place, Listed, but no houses yet.
1 Arlington Place     Vacant.
2 Arlington Place     George B. Denious (h).
3 Arlington Place     Harry T. Slavin (o) (h)
3 Arlington Place     Ann Gourlay (r)
3 Arlington Place     Florence A. Slavin (r).
4 Arlington Place     Charles I. Rice (h).
5 Arlington Place     William M. Knott (o) (h).
6 Arlington Place     Clarence E. Reid (h).
7 Arlington Place     William F. Newbery (h).
8 Arlington Place     Earle deW. Lissner (o) (h).
9 Arlington Place     Robert M. Maust (h).
10 Arlington Place     Walter A. Bogert (o) (h).
11 Arlington Place     James W. Moore (h).
12 Arlington Place     Donald F. Hastings (o) (h).
14 Arlington Place     Joseph W. Atkinson (o) (h).
1 Ashburn Place     Theodore K. Ferry (o) (h)
1 Ashburn Place     Theodore L. Ferry (r)
1 Ashburn Place     Betty Ferry (r)
1 Ashburn Place     Madeline Ferry (r).
2 Ashburn Place     Charles R. Welch (h).
3 Ashburn Place     Charles H. Henders (o) (h).
4 Ashburn Place     Steward Adams (h).
5 Ashburn Place     Richard B. Williams (h).
6 Ashburn Place     S. Burke Whitehead (h).
6 Ashburn Place     James A. Mulcahey (h).
7 Ashburn Place     Ronald S. Spittel (o) (h)
7 Ashburn Place     Mary Spittel (r).
8 Ashburn Place     Rev. Bedros K. Apelian (h).
9 Ashburn Place     Peter B. B. Andrews (h).
10 Ashburn Place     Frederick X. Veile (o) (h).
1 Audubon Place     Carl Katz (o) (h).
2 Audubon Place     Earl L. Dow (h)
2 Audubon Place     Hattie E. Welsh (r).
3 Audubon Place     C. William Elbow (o) (h).
4 Audubon Place     D. Barth Craver (h).
5 Audubon Place     Hugh R. Partridge (h).
6 Audubon Place     Horace D. Everett Jr. (h)
6 Audubon Place     Horace D. Everett (r).
7 Audubon Place     Walter S. Kennedy (h).
8 Audubon Place     Harold I. Crow (h).
9 Audubon Place     Charles S. Bailey (h).
10 Audubon Place     William C. Lazo (h).
1 Ballard Place     Charles A. Rockle (o) (h).
2 Ballard Place     Roger C. Carlton (o) (h).
3 Ballard Place     Kenneth E. Robb (o) (h).
4 Ballard Place     Arthur J. Hickey (o) (h).
5 Ballard Place     Edward F. Mitchell (o) (h).
6 Ballard Place     David F. Horan (h).
7 Ballard Place     Ludwig Fusser (o) (h).
8 Ballard Place     M. Walthall Turner (h)
8 Ballard Place     Donald McAlpin (r).
9 Ballard Place     Herbert W. Eckweiler (o) (h).
10 Ballard Place     Raymond C. Earle (o) (h).
11 Ballard Place     John Buksar (o) (h)
11 Ballard Place     Mrs. Helen R. Buksar (r).
12 Ballard Place     Raymond T. Ross (o) (h)
12 Ballard Place     Edward J. Scheeler (r).
14 Ballard Place     Walter R. Scott (o) (h).
15 Ballard Place     Clarence G. Smith (o) (h).
16 Ballard Place     Harry C. Page (h).
3 Bancroft Place     Ralph W. Hemminger (o) (h).
4 Bancroft Place     Gustav H. Burger (o) (h).
5 Bancroft Place     Theodore B. H. Vogt (h)
5 Bancroft Place     Grennell H. Vogt (r).
6 Bancroft Place     John W. Beckett (o) (h).
7 Bancroft Place     Elden M. Shonka (o) (h).
8 Bancroft Place     William Ingram (h)
8 Bancroft Place     Evan Lawn (r).
9 Bancroft Place     Garrett Powell (o) (h).
10 Bancroft Place     A. Ladley Pearson (h).
11 Bancroft Place     Sidney B. Ingram (h).
12 Bancroft Place     Frederick J. Burke (o) (h).
13 Bancroft Place     John E. Wittig (h).
14 Bancroft Place     Francis J. Schilling (o) (h)
14 Bancroft Place     Marjorie C. Schilling (r).
15 Bancroft Place     Norman B. Vines (h).
16 Bancroft Place     Elmer E. Stewart Jr. (h)
16 Bancroft Place     Richard Hornby (r).
17 Bancroft Place     Charles M. Aldrich (h).
18 Bancroft Place     Edith L. Jackson (h)
18 Bancroft Place     May R. Josselin (r)
18 Bancroft Place     Marjorie Josselyn (r).
1 Barry Place     William J. Reilly (o) (h).
2 Barry Place     Melvin H. Young (o) (h).
5 Barry Place     Hugo C. M. Wendel (o) (h).
6 Barry Place     Philip A. Shaw (o) (h).
7 Barry Place     Joseph N. Shauger (o) (h).
8 Barry Place     William Nunn (o) (h).
9 Barry Place     John K. Pollitt (o) (h)
9 Barry Place     Ethel D. Pollitt (r).
10 Barry Place     Guy B. Frick (o) (h).
11 Barry Place     Richard G. Tilt (o) (h).
14 Barry Place     Elmer W. Grenfell (o) (h)
14 Barry Place     Emma W. Grenfell (r).
15 Barry Place     Stanley G. Timmerman (o) (h).
16 Barry Place     Williams V. King (o) (h).
17 Barry Place     George F. Geiger (o) (h).
1 Bedford Place     Ralph L. Hartman (h)
1 Bedford Place     Martha A. Hartman (r).
2 Bedford Place     Kenneth B. Wood (o) (h).
3 Bedford Place     Stanley F. Cooper (h).
4 Bedford Place     Fred E. Webster (o) (h).
5 Bedford Place     Burton H. Loucks Jr (o) (h)
5 Bedford Place     Mrs. Bertha L. Conant (r).
6 Bedford Place     Carl M. Wentworth (o) (h).
7 Bedford Place     Stanley A. Bradley (o) (h).
8 Bedford Place     M. Gordon Gay (o) (h).
9 Bedford Place     Carl R. Russell (o) (h).
10 Bedford Place     Donald B. Langan (o) (h).
11 Bedford Place     Warren S. Moffett (h).
12 Bedford Place     George M. Cooper (o) (h).
14 Bedford Place     Joseph B. Kirkland (o) (h).
15 Bedford Place     Julius G. Wetzlar (o) (h).
16 Bedford Place     Albert S. Wilson (h).
1 Beekman Place     Robert Eoff (o) (h).
2 Beekman Place     Harry C. Lutes (h).
3 Beekman Place     E. Harvey Jube (h).
4 Beekman Place     Earl B. Cox (h).
5 Beekman Place     Eugene V. Piser (h).
6 Beekman Place     Thorburn Reid (h).
7 Beekman Place     Clifford H. McCollough (h).
8 Beekman Place     George U. Coles (h).
8 Beekman Place     Arthur L. Groo (h).
9 Beekman Place     Percy Bielitz (o) (h).
10 Beekman Place     Ray Hedman (o) (h)
10 Beekman Place     Lillian A. Morrison (r).
11 Beekman Place     E. Preston Brown (h).
11A Beekman Place     Everett L. Butler (h).
12 Beekman Place     Vacant.
14 Beekman Place     James L. Gordon (h).
15 Beekman Place     James G. Hodge Jr (h).
16 Beekman Place     Hubert F. Havlik (h).
17 Beekman Place     Richard B. Swallow (h).
18 Beekman Place     Michael T. Jadick (h).
1 Berkeley Place     Thomas P. Knott (o) (h).
2 Berkeley Place     Lawrence N. VanNort (o) (h).
3 Berkeley Place     John F. Koellisch (h).
4 Berkeley Place     Robert F. Kendall (o) (h).
5 Berkeley Place     Walter A. West (h).
6 Berkeley Place     John C. VanRiper (o) (h).
7 Berkeley Place     Edward G. Maddock (o) (h).
8 Berkeley Place     Mrs. Annie L. DeBaun (o) (h).
9 Berkeley Place     Elliot R. Thompson (h).
10 Berkeley Place     Ethel I. Gray (o) (h).
11 Berkeley Place     Percy A. Leary (h).
11A Berkeley Place     Robert J. Wood (h).
12 Berkeley Place     Laural L. Hull (o) (h).
14 Berkeley Place     Henry McD. Neilley (o) (h)
14 Berkeley Place     Jessie C. Wood (r).
15 Berkeley Place     George G. Skelton (o) (h).
16 Berkeley Place     Raymond H. Wilkens (o) (h).
1 Bolton Place     Devereaux Martin (h).
2 Bolton Place     Mrs Elisabeth DeForest (o) (h)
2 Bolton Place     Duel R. De Forest and Charlotte De Forest (r).
3 Bolton Place     William J. Atchison (h)
3 Bolton Place     Helen Atchison (r)
3 Bolton Place     Marjorie E. Atchison (r).
4 Bolton Place     Howard P. Walton (h).
5 Bolton Place     Roger E. Jones (h).
6 Bolton Place     John W. FitzGerald (h).
7 Bolton Place     Wilbur H. Stubblebine (h).
8 Bolton Place     John L. Milton Jr (h).
9 Bolton Place     Kenneth J. Brooks (h).
10 Bolton Place     Floyd Lyle (o) (h)
10 Bolton Place     Martha H. Lewis (r).
11 Bolton Place     Norman D. FitzGerald (h).
11A Bolton Place     Thomas M. Foristall (h).
12 Bolton Place     Joseph M. Howlin (h).
14 Bolton Place     Mrs. Marjorie E. Bathurst (h)
14 Bolton Place     Robert M. Bathurst Jr (r)
14 Bolton Place     Mrs. Jessie E. Meakle (r)
14 Bolton Place     Mary S. Murphy (r).
16 Bolton Place     Nelson E. Horton (h).
4 Brearly Crescent     Alexander E. Barkalow (h).
6 Brearly Crescent     William C. Emmett (h).
8 Brearly Crescent     Mrs. Marion E. Winans (h)
8 Brearly Crescent     Raymond G. Winans (r)
8 Brearly Crescent     W. Sheldon Winans (r)
8 Brearly Crescent     Winslow E. Winans (r).
10 Brearly Crescent     Blodgett Sage (h)
10 Brearly Crescent     Mrs Mary M. Sage (r)
10 Brearly Crescent     Burrill B. Sage (r).
12 Brearly Crescent     Alexander G. McCaw (o) (h)
12 Brearly Crescent     Kathleen J. McCaw (r).
14 Brearly Crescent     John W. Perscheid (o) (h)
14 Brearly Crescent     John W. Perscheid (r).
16 Brearly Crescent     John D. Crawford (h).
18 Brearly Crescent     Albert C. Eddy (o) (h).
3 Brighton Place     Herbert F. Geier (h).
4 Brighton Place     Vacant.
5 Brighton Place     Almon N. Bowes (h)
5 Brighton Place     May N. Bowes (r).
6 Brighton Place     Harold E. Hanson (h).
7 Brighton Place     David B. Mayer (h).
8 Brighton Place     Alan E. Schuler (h).
9 Brighton Place     Clifford W. Heydecke (h).
10 Brighton Place     Richard A. Taylor (h).
11 Brighton Place     Harry W. Gunther (o) (h).
12 Brighton Place     Alexander Mutch (h).
13 Brighton Place     Mint M. Mays (h).
14 Brighton Place     Richard F. Remer Jr (h).
1 Bristol Place     Walton B. Miller (o) (h).
2 Bristol Place     Frank B. Page (h).
3 Bristol Place     Arthur D. Cecil (o) (h)
3 Bristol Place     Arthur D. Cecil Jr (r).
4 Bristol Place     Eric E. Weiss (h).
5 Bristol Place     Frank M. Exner (o) (h).
6 Bristol Place     Earl H. Nicholson (h).
7 Bristol Place     Luther R. Hill (h).
8 Bristol Place     Kenneth L. Hutchinson (o) (h).
9 Bristol Place     Richard Benner (o) (h).
10 Bristol Place     Arthur M. Moren (o) (h)
10 Bristol Place     Bessie Moren (r).
11 Bristol Place     Thomas E. Devlin (o) (h).
12 Bristol Place     Francis T. Kiernan (o) (h).
14 Bristol Place     J. Randolph Flecke (h).
15 Bristol Place     Walter D. Long (o) (h).
1 Burlington Place     W. Earle D. Schwartz (o) (h).
2 Burlington Place     Peter J. Riccobene (o) (h)
2 Burlington Place     Anne C. Riccobene (r).
3 Burlington Place     Mervyn J. Miller (h).
4 Burlington Place     William D. Mitchell (o) (h).
5 Burlington Place     Frederick C. McMullen (o) (h)
5 Burlington Place     Nellie J. Bradley (r).
6 Burlington Place     Kenneth R. Erdmann (o) (h).
7 Burlington Place     Jurian W. VanRiper (h).
8 Burlington Place     John A. Sterling (o) (h)
8 Burlington Place     Frank A. Lewin and Florence Lewin (r).
9 Burlington Place     Arthur G. Winkler (h).
10 Burlington Place     Robert J. Yake (o) (h).
11 Burlington Place     F. Coolidge Hastings Jr. (h).
12 Burlington Place     Charles Pausley (o) (h).
13 Burlington Place     John M. Aherne (h)
13 Burlington Place     Catherine B. Martin (r).
1 Burnham Place     William M. Cozine (h)
1 Burnham Place     William M. Cozine Jr (r).
2 Burnham Place     Jerome L. Boyer (h).
3 Burnham Place     John T. Ackerson (o) (h)
3 Burnham Place     Mary G. Ackerson (r).
4 Burnham Place     Charles S. Lombard (h).
5 Burnham Place     James F. Martin (h).
6 Burnham Place     Charles L. White (h).
7 Burnham Place     Herbert A. Bode (h)
7 Burnham Place     Bruce H. Bode (r).
8 Burnham Place     Harold Mosedale Jr. (h).
9 Burnham Place     Richard A. Lucey (h).
10 Burnham Place     Karl B. Duerr (o) (h).
11 Burnham Place     C. Herbert Baxley (o) (h).
11A Burnham Place     Walter L. Linton (h).
12 Burnham Place     Walter G. Molt (h).
14 Burnham Place     Norman C. Elliot (h).
302-E3 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-E4 Highstreet     Lambert L. Montgomery (h)
302-E4 Highstreet     Lambert L. Montgomery Jr. (r).
302-E6 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-F2 Highstreet     Bertina R. Pettis (h).
302-F3 Highstreet     Dale E. Wilkens (h).
302-F5 Highstreet     Rodrigo M. da Costa e Silva (o) (h).
302-F7 Highstreet     G. Russell Ramsby (h).
302-G1 Highstreet     Lawrence Longdon (h).
302-G4 Highstreet     William L. Langridge (h).
302-G6 Highstreet     Edward C. Haynes (h).
302-H4 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-H5 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-H6 Highstreet     Donald J. MacGillis (h)
302-H6 Highstreet     Donald J. MacGillis Jr (r).
302-E23 Highstreet     Richard C. Terwilliger (h).
302-E24 Highstreet     Adolf G. Slavik (h).
302-E26 Highstreet     Adrian F. Heffern (h).
302-F20 Highstreet     Joseph Chevalier (h).
302-F21 Highstreet     Robert Carter (h).
302-F22 Highstreet     Arthur C. Stender (h).
302-F23 Highstreet     John S. Baker (h).
302-F24 Highstreet     Rae R. T. Jones (h).
302-F26 Highstreet     George B. DuBois (h).
302-G20 Highstreet     William L. Long (h).
302-G21 Highstreet     J. Van Ness Smith (h)
302-G21 Highstreet     Mrs Merle E. Smith (r).
302-G22 Highstreet     Stanley E. Lucas (h).
302-G23 Highstreet     Arthur Lintz (h).
302-H24 Highstreet     Walter H. Gartner (h).
302-H25 Highstreet     David L. Malcolm Jr. (h).
302-H27 Highstreet     G. Milton Smith Jr (h).
302-F30 Highstreet     Joseph F. Zeman (h).
302-F31 Highstreet     Charles S. Krug (h).
302-F32 Highstreet     George A. Dean (h).
302-F33 Highstreet     Thomas M. Gregory (h).
302-F34 Highstreet     William R. Frick (h).
302-F36 Highstreet     Mrs. Sybil F. Harper (h).
302-G30 Highstreet     Howard L. Barrows (h).
302-G31 Highstreet     Edmund A. Boniface (h).
302-G32 Highstreet     I. Walter Maurer (h).
302-G33 Highstreet     William Hamilton Jr. (h).
302-H34 Highstreet     William O. Fayerweather (h).
302-H35 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-H37 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-G40 Highstreet     Raymond G. Young (h).
302-G41 Highstreet     Clara A. Mason (h).
302-G42 Highstreet     William E. Crowell (h).
302-G43 Highstreet     Arthur Goetz (h)
302-G43 Highstreet     Eric M. Goetz (r).
352 High Street     James E. Joynt (o) (h).
354 High Street     Joseph A. Baty (o) (h).
300 Howard Ave     R. J. Brennan MD (o) (h)
300 Howard Ave     Helen Brennan (r).
302 Howard Ave     William A. Stewart (h).
316 Howard Ave     Oliver C. Hall (o) (h).
318 Howard Ave     Charles F. Droste (h).
319 Howard Ave     Watson G. Harding (h).
324 Howard Ave     Richard B. Evans (h).
325 Howard Ave     Herman E. Newham (h).
326 Howard Ave     John F. Quinn (h).
327 Howard Ave     J. Worth McAllister (h).
328 Howard Ave     John S. Gillies (o) (h).
330 Howard Ave     Frederick C. Davidson (o) (h)
330 Howard Ave     Frances Davidson (r)
330 Howard Ave     Ruth Davidson (r).
332 Howard Ave     David E. McFarland Jr. (o) (h)
332 Howard Ave     M. Gertrude Carney (r).
333 Howard Ave     Vacant.
334 Howard Ave     Gerald S. Whittaker (h).
335 Howard Ave     George E. Jacques (h).
340 Howard Ave     John B. Duke (o) (h).
341 Howard Ave     Sidney W. Fay (h).
341 Owen Avenue     John Morrison (o) (h).
343 Owen Avenue     Rene P. Piperoux (o) (h)
343 Owen Avenue     Lorraine Piperoux (r).
345 Owen Avenue     David D. Paterson (o) (h).
347 Owen Avenue     John Casey (h)
347 Owen Avenue     Kathleen Casey (r).
349 Owen Avenue     Raymond P. Jacobs (h).
350 Owen Avenue     John A. Merwin (o) (h).
352 Owen Avenue     John W. Rowe (o) (h).
354 Owen Avenue     Donald S. Howard (o) (h).
356 Owen Avenue     Stephen B. Brigham (o) (h).
358 Owen Avenue     Robert H. Rice (o) (h).
360 Owen Avenue     Albert H. Russell (o) (h).
362 Owen Avenue     Walter W. Bishop (o) (h).
364 Owen Avenue     John B. Sweeney (o) (h).
366 Owen Avenue     Willard W. Waller (o) (h).
368 Owen Avenue     Harold D. Newman (o) (h).
370 Owen Avenue     Alan A. Cullman (o) (h).
372 Owen Avenue     Elmer L. Mackey (o) (h).
374 Owen Avenue     George M. Warren (h).
376 Owen Avenue     William K. Martin (o) (h).
303 Plaza Road North     Rollin T. Brewer (o) (h).
305 Plaza Road North     George P. Williamson (o) (h).
307 Plaza Road North     Vacant.
309 Plaza Road North     G. Guy Owens (h)
309 Plaza Road North     Kenneth W. Owens (r).
311 Plaza Road North     S. Paul Maas (h).
313 Plaza Road North     Charles E. Malley Jr (h).
315 Plaza Road North     Joseph F. Kennedy (h).
317 Plaza Road North     William E. McClure (h).
318A Plaza Road North     Vacant.
318B Plaza Road North     Joseph B. Belay (h).
319 Plaza Road North     Carl W. Zaisser (o) (h).
320A Plaza Road North     Randall A. Kezar (h).
320B Plaza Road North     Harry E. Gee (h)
320B Plaza Road North     Mrs. Blanche A. Gee (r).
321 Plaza Road North     Fritz Semmler (o) (h).
322A Plaza Road North     Vacant.
322B Plaza Road North     Frederick F. McCarthy (h).
323 Plaza Road North     Alfred R. Von Metzger (h).
324A Plaza Road North     James A. Wiley Jr. (h).
324B Plaza Road North     Samuel S. Weatherby (h).
325 Plaza Road North     Richard L. Oblinger (h)
325 Plaza Road North     Raymond E. Hoffman (r)
325 Plaza Road North     Charles S. Metsger (r).
326A Plaza Road North     James E. L. Holmes (h).
326B Plaza Road North     Mrs. Ann C. Stewart (h).
328A Plaza Road North     Edwin L. Tatro (h).
328B Plaza Road North     Lawrence O. Houstoun (h).
330A Plaza Road North     Harold W. Symonds Jr (h).
330B Plaza Road North     Charles E. Whiting (h).
331 Plaza Road North     Alfred Van Buren (h).
332A Plaza Road North     James W. Zarbock (h).
332B Plaza Road North     Duis W. Meador (h).
333 Plaza Road North     Stanley C. Flawn (h).
334A Plaza Road North     Douglas C. MacMillan (h).
334B Plaza Road North     John M. Turpan (h).
335 Plaza Road North     John G. Smith (o) (h).
336A Plaza Road North     Karl S. Meier (h).
336B Plaza Road North     Frank J. Manniello (h).
338A Plaza Road North     Harry E. Buckley (h).
338B Plaza Road North     Chester W. Langton (h).
340A Plaza Road North     Vacant.
340B Plaza Road North     William B. Harley (h).
342A Plaza Road North     Rudolph C. Geering (h).
342B Plaza Road North     Robert L. Cowden (h).
344A Plaza Road North     John Feinler (h).
344B Plaza Road North     Hans G. Schmitt (h).
346A Plaza Road North     T. Charles Sullivan (h).
346B Plaza Road North     William C. Egan (h).
348A Plaza Road North     Robert T. Weaver (h).
348B Plaza Road North     Joseph A. Burton (h).
350A Plaza Road North     Vacant.
350B Plaza Road North     John A. Hisey (h).
352A Plaza Road North     Merrick A. Monroe (h).
352B Plaza Road North     William N. Singley (h).
13-01 Plaza Road South     Joseph S. Schuster (o) (h).
13-04 Plaza Road South     Vacant.
13-05 Plaza Road South     Robert H. Kyle (o) (h).
13-08 Plaza Road South     Vacant.
13-09 Plaza Road South     Lewis L. Corcoran (o) (h).
13-10 Plaza Road South     Vacant.
13-12 Plaza Road South     Vacant.
13-14 Plaza Road South     Vacant.
13-15 Plaza Road South     Charles L. Gates (o) (h).
13-16 Plaza Road South     Harry K. Ellis Jr. (o) (h).
13-17 Plaza Road South     Claire L. Davis (o) (h)
13-17 Plaza Road South     Ann E. Taylor (r).
13-18 Plaza Road South     Ralph W. Sibson (o) (h).
13-19 Plaza Road South     George Hudson Smith (o) (h).
13-20 Plaza Road South     Edward M. Munroe (o) (h).
13-21 Plaza Road South     Austin Robinson (o) (h).
13-22 Plaza Road South     Albert A. Josten (o) (h).
13-24 Plaza Road South     Alfred L. Pierson (o) (h).
13-26 Plaza Road South     Elbert D. Clark (o) (h).
1 Ramapo Terrace     Raymond S. Carr (o) (h).
2 Ramapo Terrace     Richard E. Hull (o) (h).
3 Ramapo Terrace     McAlister Coleman (o) (h)
3 Ramapo Terrace     R. Fox MD (r)
3 Ramapo Terrace     Charles A. Adams (r).
Radburn Road, Listed, but no houses yet.
Radburn Road     Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1.
4 Ramapo Terrace     Leo N. DesLauriers (o) (h).
5 Ramapo Terrace     Theodore Stagg (o) (h).
7 Ramapo Terrace     Theodore M. Broadston (o) (h).
9 Ramapo Terrace     Greene F. Johnson (o) (h).
10 Ramapo Terrace     Paul Miller (o) (h).
11 Ramapo Terrace     John V. Robertson (o) (h).
12 Ramapo Terrace     John Campbell (o) (h).
14 Ramapo Terrace     Leonard B. Dixon (o) (h)
14 Ramapo Terrace     Alice B. Dixon (r).
15 Ramapo Terrace     Herbert M. Corban (o) (h).
16 Ramapo Terrace     Ernest A. Rose (o) (h).
17 Ramapo Terrace     Mrs. Rose M. Boerth (o) (h).
18 Ramapo Terrace     Arthur H. Dooley (o) (h).
19 Ramapo Terrace     Max S. Miller (o) (h)
19 Ramapo Terrace     Wilhelm S. Miller (r).
20 Ramapo Terrace     Cameron M. McCurdy (o) (h).
21 Ramapo Terrace     Edward L. Reyle (o) (h).
1 Ramsey Terrace     John E. Woodman (o) (h).
2 Ramsey Terrace     Paul F. Pauli (o) (h).
3 Ramsey Terrace     George A. Ingoldby (o) (h).
4 Ramsey Terrace     James M. Turner (o) (h).
6 Ramsey Terrace     Alton S. Knowles (o) (h).
7 Ramsey Terrace     Reed B. Freeman (o) (h)
7 Ramsey Terrace     Frank E. Smith (r).
8 Ramsey Terrace     Edwin E. Harnett (o) (h).
9 Ramsey Terrace     Joseph H. Ellender (o) (h).
10 Ramsey Terrace     Russell C. Tower (o) (h).
11 Ramsey Terrace     Katherine Egan (o) (h).
12 Ramsey Terrace     Joseph O. Haff (o) (h).
14 Ramsey Terrace     Wesley A. Brockmeier (o) (h).
15 Ramsey Terrace     Wallace J. Campbell (o) (h).
16 Ramsey Terrace     Robert F. Miller (o) (h).
17 Ramsey Terrace     John G. Wagner (o) (h).
18 Ramsey Terrace     Ervin H. Newcomer (o) (h).
19 Ramsey Terrace     Raymond M. Connors (o) (h).
1 Randolph Terrace     Earle B. Whittemore (h).
2 Randolph Terrace     Harland P. Prendergast (h)
2 Randolph Terrace     Elizabeth Prendergast (r).
3 Randolph Terrace     Randall E. Porter (o) (h).
4 Randolph Terrace     Leslie D. Price (o) (h)
4 Randolph Terrace     Annie R. Hoyt (r).
5 Randolph Terrace     Charles R. Walters (h).
6 Randolph Terrace     William Seward (h).
7 Randolph Terrace     Werner G. Bolleter (h).
8 Randolph Terrace     John A. O'Hea (h).
9 Randolph Terrace     Charles E. Lobdell (o) (h).
10 Randolph Terrace     Robert C. Bixler (o) (h).
11 Randolph Terrace     Kenneth A. Gay (h).
11A Randolph Terrace     Herbert Kellman (h).
12 Randolph Terrace     Henry A. Schongar (o) (h).
14 Randolph Terrace     Ernest A. Warder (h).
15 Randolph Terrace     J. Lawrence Murray (h).
16 Randolph Terrace     Edward Valentine (h).
17 Randolph Terrace     Eugene C. Colgan (h).
18 Randolph Terrace     Thomas M. Chalmers (h).
19 Randolph Terrace     Alpheus T. deLaMare (h).
20 Randolph Terrace     William F. Tode (h).
21 Randolph Terrace     Vacant.
22 Randolph Terrace     Bertram E. Schlenker (h).
23 Randolph Terrace     Maximilien Federovsky (h).
24 Randolph Terrace     Byron T. Gardner (h).
1 Reading Terrace     Roger G. Haas (o) (h).
2 Reading Terrace     John A. Christie (o) (h).
3 Reading Terrace     Zephir J. Chagnon (h).
4 Reading Terrace     Edward H. Ellms (o) (h)
4 Reading Terrace     Virginia Ellms (r).
5 Reading Terrace     Stanley M. Ferguson (h).
6 Reading Terrace     Stanley L. Chopin (h).
7 Reading Terrace     Mrs Helen B. Gover (o) (h).
8 Reading Terrace     Vacant.
9 Reading Terrace     Vacant.
10 Reading Terrace     Chester A. Hoffman (h).
11 Reading Terrace     Kenneth G. Sites (o) (h).
11A Reading Terrace     Charles W. Grenz (h).
12 Reading Terrace     Charles C. Gaver (h).
14 Reading Terrace     Vacant.
15 Reading Terrace     Henry F. Scarr (h).
16 Reading Terrace     Alvin E. Drager (h).
17 Reading Terrace     Cauldwell N. Fraser (h).
18 Reading Terrace     Robert H. Brome (h).
19 Reading Terrace     Maxwell F. Bower (h).
20 Reading Terrace     DeWitt B. Bell (o) (h).
21 Reading Terrace     Vacant.
22 Reading Terrace     Harry S. Ferries (h).
23 Reading Terrace     Raymond D. Wesler (h).
24 Reading Terrace     George W. Patterson (h).
5 Remington Road     Walter W. Borgeson (o) (h).
7 Remington Road     Frederick H. Fisher (o) (h).
8 Remington Road     Arthur W. Starling (o) (h).
9 Remington Road     Russell C. Benedict (o) (h).
10 Remington Road     Frank A. Lade (o) (h).
11 Remington Road     Horace A. Brinckerhoff (o) (h).
12 Remington Road     Lorenzo E. Agrati (o) (h).
14 Remington Road     William H. Geskes Jr. (o) (h).
15 Remington Road     Paul F. Petersen (o) (h).
16 Remington Road     D. Wehrle Cook (o) (h)
16 Remington Road     William B. Cook (r).
17 Remington Road     James J. Higgins (o) (h).
18 Remington Road     George M. Barton (o) (h)
18 Remington Road     Mrs. Laura C. Barton (r).
19 Remington Road     Vacant.
20 Remington Road     Fred A. Towne (o) (h).
21 Remington Road     Michael J. Fierro (o) (h).
22 Remington Road     Max O. Buser (o) (h).
Ruskin Road: #1, 3 and 5 were vacant, the rest not yet listed.
Rutgers Terrace: #2 was vacant, the rest not yet listed.
5 Ryder Road     Lloyd F. Kerr (o) (h).
7 Ryder Road     Henry F. Seymour (o) (h).
8 Ryder Road     Vacant.
9 Ryder Road     Vacant.
11 Ryder Road     Vacant.
14 Ryder Road     Frank H. North (o) (h)
14 Ryder Road     Clara Dean (r).
15 Ryder Road     Charles R. Leake (o) (h).
16 Ryder Road     Vacant.
17 Ryder Road     Vacant.
18 Ryder Road     Vacant.
19 Ryder Road     Vacant.
20 Ryder Road     Vacant.
21 Ryder Road     Vacant.
22 Ryder Road     Vacant.
24 Ryder Road     Vacant.
2A Townley Road     George V. Nyquist (h).
2B Townley Road     Herman R. Shuart (h).
4A Townley Road     Richard Browne (h).
4B Townley Road     Alex W. Vastoff (h).
6A Townley Road     John F. Hernandez (h).
6B Townley Road     Charles M. Hull (h).
8A Townley Road     Alex H. Clarke (h)
8A Townley Road     J. T. Mason Smith (r).
8B Townley Road     Edward J. McCormick (h).
10A Townley Road     William Hanemann (h)
10A Townley Road     Herman Hanemann (r).
10B Townley Road     Horton S. Allen (h).
12A Townley Road     John E. Catlin (h).
12B Townley Road     Roy F. Byrne (h).
14A Townley Road     Richard H. Young (h)
14A Townley Road     Mrs Julia F. Young (r)
14A Townley Road     Mrs Morton Marshall (r).
14B Townley Road     Frank T. Grosser (h).
16A Townley Road     George H. Grinnell (h).
16B Townley Road     Eric G. Haynes (h).
18A Townley Road     Malcolm E. Little (h).
18B Townley Road     William F. Lamond (h).
20A Townley Road     William B. Lowther (h).
20B Townley Road     Robert L. Beall (h).
22A Townley Road     James McH. deRoode (h).
22B Townley Road     Julian R. Spurling (h).
24A Townley Road     John S. Leslie (h).
24B Townley Road     Vacant.
Warren Road, Listed, but no houses yet.
Fair Lawn Avenue     The Dutch House, Thomas F. LaHiff was listed as proprietor. He also lived there.