1933 Numerical Directory for Radburn, from the Price & Lee Ridgewood City Directory, including Glen Rock, Midland Park and Fair Lawn

To find a name, use Ctr-F.

201-A4 Abbott Road     Joseph O. W. Cook (h).
201-A5 Abbott Road     LeRoy A. Wilson (h).
201-A6 Abbott Road     Mario S. Parmelli (h).
201-B1 Abbott Road     Ethel B. Reil (h).
201-B4 Abbott Road     Fred H. Mason (h).
201-B6 Abbott Road     William L. Lyall Jr (h).
201-C2 Abbott Road     John Christel (h)
201-C2 Abbott Road     Mrs Elizabeth Christie (r).
201-C3 Abbott Road     C. Montague Pigott (h).
201-C5 Abbott Road     George V. S. Williams (h).
201-C7 Abbott Road     Gail Bennett (h).
201-D3 Abbott Road     Claire L. Davis (h)
201-D3 Abbott Road     Ann E. Taylor (r).
201-D4 Abbott Road     Minnie LaForge (h)
201-D4 Abbott Road     Anna L. LaForge (r).
201-D6 Abbott Road     Jessie M. Blundell (h)
201-D6 Abbott Road     Margaret B. Loughran (r).
201-A24 Abbott Road     Joseph E. Keeton (h).
201-A25 Abbott Road     Mrs Eliza Healy (h)
201-A25 Abbott Road     Bertha Healy (r)
201-A25 Abbott Road     Reta H. Healy (r).
201-A27 Abbott Road     Mrs Olga H. McCullough (h)
201-A27 Abbott Road     Constance McCullough (r)
201-A27 Abbott Road     M. Dorothy McCullough (r)
201-A27 Abbott Road     Herbert I. Hansen (r).
201-B20 Abbott Road     Robert H. Kyle (h).
201-B21 Abbott Road     H. Clay Dennett (h).
201-B22 Abbott Road     Harry A. Herbert (h).
201-B23 Abbott Road     Robert B. Hudson (h).
201-C20 Abbott Road     Fulton Lanning (h).
201-C21 Abbott Road     John A. Bailey (h).
201-C22 Abbott Road     Harry H. Jefferies (h).
201-C23 Abbott Road     Franklyn E. Doan (h).
201-C24 Abbott Road     Arnold B. Covey (h).
201-C26 Abbott Road     Robert L. Dorsey (h).
201-D23 Abbott Road     Lee F. Strickler his office is at D24 (h).
201-D24 Abbott Road     Mrs Lina Buser (h).
201-D24 Abbott Road     Lee F. Strickler this is his office, but it is listed in the numerical (h).
201-D26 Abbott Road     Isabella Hemingway (h).
201-A34 Abbott Road     Johan E. Phragmen (h).
201-A35 Abbott Road     Mrs C. Julia Meyer (h).
201-A37 Abbott Road     Raymond T. Ross (h).
201-B30 Abbott Road     James R. Rea (h).
201-B31 Abbott Road     J. LeGrand Bird (h).
201-B32 Abbott Road     Willis Ahrens (h).
201-B33 Abbott Road     Edith E. Strong (h).
201-C30 Abbott Road     Daniel C. Hungerford (h).
201-C31 Abbott Road     J. Milton Gee (h).
201-C32 Abbott Road     Alexander Crawford (h).
201-C33 Abbott Road     Maurice M. Pine (h).
201-C34 Abbott Road     Virginia D. Coyle (h).
201-C36 Abbott Road     Edward Phelan (h).
201-B40 Abbott Road     William A. Kofoed (h).
201-B41 Abbott Road     Elmore D. Taylor (h).
201-B42 Abbott Road     Herbert O. Morse (h).
201-B43 Abbott Road     Herbert H. Hatch (h).
1 Aberdeen Place     Donald Lloyd (h).
2 Aberdeen Place     Oliver W. Gatchell (h).
3 Aberdeen Place     Harold B. Haywood (h).
4 Aberdeen Place     Theodore K. Ferry (h).
5 Aberdeen Place     Robert J. Cohen (h).
6 Aberdeen Place     Edward Dickson (h).
7 Aberdeen Place     Sidney P. Howell (h).
8 Aberdeen Place     Neill N. Payne (h).
9 Aberdeen Place     Patrick A. Boeuquardez (h).
10 Aberdeen Place     Adrian F. Heffern (h).
11 Aberdeen Place     William Geskes (h).
11A Aberdeen Place     Donald R. Goodell (h).
12 Aberdeen Place     Louis Martin (h).
14 Aberdeen Place     Edward B. Wells (h).
15 Aberdeen Place     Martin K. Schnurr (h).
16 Aberdeen Place     George C. Williams (h)
16 Aberdeen Place     Beatrice Huber (r).
17 Aberdeen Place     Francis VanOrman (h).
18 Aberdeen Place     Carl S. Carlson (h).
1 Allen Place     Charles L. Gates (h).
2 Allen Place     James M. Wright (h).
3 Allen Place     Edward L. Reyle (h).
4 Allen Place     William S. Roeder (h).
5 Allen Place     Walter E. Dunsby (h).
6 Allen Place     Hartley Radcliffe (h).
7 Allen Place     Wainwright Holt (h).
8 Allen Place     Frederick G. Kerr (h).
9 Allen Place     Philip H. Grosch (h)
9 Allen Place     Anna Grosch (r).
10 Allen Place     Joseph L. Brewer (h)
10 Allen Place     Lillian Brewer (r).
11 Allen Place     Frederick J. Frei (h).
12 Allen Place     Elmer A. Smith (h).
13 Allen Place     Charles C. Pritchard (h)
13 Allen Place     David D. Pritchard (r)
13 Allen Place     Katherine Pritchard (r).
14 Allen Place     Howard Y. Zeller (h)
14 Allen Place     Ella D. Zeller (r).
1 Arlington Place     Byron VanHorn (h).
2 Arlington Place     William C. Rogers (h).
3 Arlington Place     Harry T. Slavin (h)
3 Arlington Place     Ann Gourlay (r).
4 Arlington Place     Ronald Spittal (h).
5 Arlington Place     William M. Knott (h).
6 Arlington Place     Harry W. Cordes (h).
7 Arlington Place     Charles W. Zabriskie (h).
8 Arlington Place     Victor E. King (h).
9 Arlington Place     Armand C. Dorau (h).
10 Arlington Place     Ethelyn Henderson (h).
11 Arlington Place     Victor R. Shockley (h).
12 Arlington Place     Donald F. Hastings (h).
14 Arlington Place     Joseph W. Atkinson (h).
1 Ashburn Place     Vacant.
2 Ashburn Place     Howard R. Speer (h).
3 Ashburn Place     Charles H. Henders (h)
3 Ashburn Place     Edward J. Scheeler (r)
3 Ashburn Place     Anna L. Scheeler (r).
4 Ashburn Place     Alfred F. Schwart (h).
5 Ashburn Place     William H. Hennion (trucking) His house is listed as 5 Bellair Ave, Fair Lawn in the alphabetical directory (h).
5 Ashburn Place     William C. Lazo (h).
6 Ashburn Place     John M. Williams (h).
7 Ashburn Place     Elmer L. Mackey (h).
8 Ashburn Place     John O. Walker (h).
9 Ashburn Place     George E. Boyd (h).
10 Ashburn Place     Edward F. Wilson (h).
1 Audubon Place     Carl Katz (h)
1 Audubon Place     Mrs Bessie Sweeney (r).
2 Audubon Place     Richard T. Ely (h).
3 Audubon Place     C. William Elbow (h)
3 Audubon Place     Anna Blake (r).
4 Audubon Place     Eve B. Nowicki (h)
4 Audubon Place     Lillian T. Nowicki (r).
5 Audubon Place     Rev. Deane Edwards (h).
6 Audubon Place     Charles G. Weiss (h)
6 Audubon Place     Emma Weiss (r).
7 Audubon Place     Mrs M. Frances Guss (h)
7 Audubon Place     C. Mabel Smith (r).
8 Audubon Place     G. William Bailey (h).
9 Audubon Place     H. Carleton Ficker (h).
10 Audubon Place     Lewis O. Edwards (h).
3 Ballard Place     Kenneth E. Robb (h).
4 Ballard Place     Arthur J. Hickey (h).
5 Ballard Place     Vacant.
6 Ballard Place     Edward H. Green (h).
7 Ballard Place     Vacant.
8 Ballard Place     Vacant.
9 Ballard Place     Herbert W. Eckweiler (h).
10 Ballard Place     Vacant.
11 Ballard Place     Vacant.
12 Ballard Place     Vacant.
15 Ballard Place     Clarence G. Smith (h).
16 Ballard Place     Vacant.
3 Bancroft Place     William E. Bergeron (h).
3 Bancroft Place     Helen R. Enright (h).
4 Bancroft Place     Gustav H. Burger (h).
5 Bancroft Place     Theodore B. H. Vogt (h).
6 Bancroft Place     Arthur F. Leet (h).
7 Bancroft Place     John J. Lange (h).
8 Bancroft Place     Mrs. Dorothy C Lawn (h).
9 Bancroft Place     Williams A. Yarwood (h).
10 Bancroft Place     Frederick K. Lovejoy (h).
11 Bancroft Place     John C. Jackson (h).
12 Bancroft Place     Frederick J. Burke (h).
13 Bancroft Place     Sydney Werther (h).
14 Bancroft Place     Francis J. Schilling (h).
15 Bancroft Place     Paul G. Wellenkamp (h).
16 Bancroft Place     Albert H. Russell (h)
16 Bancroft Place     Henry A. Russell (r).
17 Bancroft Place     Burton L. Rain (h)
17 Bancroft Place     William H. Rain (r).
18 Bancroft Place     Horatio S. Tucker (h).
1 Bedford Place     James E. Bristol (h).
2 Bedford Place     Walter K. Hase (h).
3 Bedford Place     Walter Bender (h).
4 Bedford Place     Fred E. Webster (h).
5 Bedford Place     Burton H. Loucks (h)
5 Bedford Place     Josephine A. Loucks (r)
5 Bedford Place     Julia F. Loucks (r).
6 Bedford Place     Carl M. Wentworth (h).
7 Bedford Place     Stanley A. Bradley (h).
8 Bedford Place     M. Gordon Gay (h).
9 Bedford Place     Carl R. Russell (h).
10 Bedford Place     Vacant.
11 Bedford Place     Vacant.
12 Bedford Place     George M. Cooper (h).
14 Bedford Place     James Stevenson (h).
15 Bedford Place     Julius G. Wetzlar (h).
16 Bedford Place     Vacant.
1 Beekman Place     Robert Eoff (h).
2 Beekman Place     Kenneth B. Wood (h).
3 Beekman Place     Samuel Meeker (h).
4 Beekman Place     Charles Aldrich (h).
5 Beekman Place     Gerald Shea (h).
6 Beekman Place     Kenneth Hutchinson (h).
7 Beekman Place     Lowell R. Stark (h).
8 Beekman Place     Lee Kolb (h).
9 Beekman Place     Percy Bielitz (h)
9 Beekman Place     Elizabeth McDonald (r).
10 Beekman Place     Ray Hedman (h).
11 Beekman Place     Vacant.
12 Beekman Place     Edwin F. Vickerman (h).
13 Beekman Place     George A. Thomas (h).
14 Beekman Place     James L. Gordon (h).
15 Beekman Place     Joseph W. Wilson (h).
16 Beekman Place     Vacant.
17 Beekman Place     Leo J. Ryan (h).
18 Beekman Place     Arthur I. Hopkins (h).
1 Berkeley Place     Thomas P. Knott (h).
2 Berkeley Place     Lawrence N. VanNort (h).
3 Berkeley Place     Hamilton W. Gelston (h).
4 Berkeley Place     Harold A. Cooley (h).
5 Berkeley Place     Roy S. Middlemas (h).
6 Berkeley Place     John C. VanRiper (h).
7 Berkeley Place     Edward G. Maddock (h).
8 Berkeley Place     Mrs Anne DeBaum (h).
8 Berkeley Place     John Lenhart (h).
9 Berkeley Place     Edward F. Mitchell (h).
10 Berkeley Place     Ethel I. Gray (h)
10 Berkeley Place     Bertha D. Doran (r).
11 Berkeley Place     Norman W. Morison (h).
11A Berkeley Place     Howard C. Deckard (h).
12 Berkeley Place     William T. Roth (h).
14 Berkeley Place     Henry McD. Neilly (h)
14 Berkeley Place     Katherine Neilly (r).
15 Berkeley Place     George G. Skelton (h).
16 Berkeley Place     Raymond H. Wilkens (h).
1 Bolton Place     Hugh R. Partridge (h).
2 Bolton Place     Vacant.
3 Bolton Place     Harold C. Carroll (h).
4 Bolton Place     Frank C. Hastings Jr. (h).
5 Bolton Place     Minnie V. Wooding (h).
6 Bolton Place     Theodore L. Henn (h).
7 Bolton Place     John W. Bingham (h).
8 Bolton Place     Lewis E. Davis (h).
9 Bolton Place     Milton M. Braun (h).
10 Bolton Place     Floyd Lyle (h).
11 Bolton Place     Russell C. MacFall (h).
12 Bolton Place     Raymond M. Bristol (h).
13 Bolton Place     Vacant.
14 Bolton Place     Joseph B. Kirkland (h).
16 Bolton Place     Kenneth L. Stillman (h).
4 Brearly Crescent     John Marshall (h).
6 Brearly Crescent     Mrs Diana M. Fay (h)
6 Brearly Crescent     Harry S. Fay (r).
8 Brearly Crescent     McAlister Coleman (h)
8 Brearly Crescent     Ruth Fox MD (r).
8 Brearly Crescent     Ruth Fox MD (h).
10 Brearly Crescent     Blodgett Sage (h).
12 Brearly Crescent     Alexander G. McCaw (h).
14 Brearly Crescent     John W. Perscheid (h).
16 Brearly Crescent     Victor C. Norton (h).
18 Brearly Crescent     Albert C. Eddy (h).
3 Brighton Place     Leland A. Chappelle (h)
3 Brighton Place     Alice W. Chappelle (r).
4 Brighton Place     Floyd R. Eastwood (h).
5 Brighton Place     William D. Lauerman (h).
6 Brighton Place     John Dibb (h).
7 Brighton Place     Roy S. Crane (h)
7 Brighton Place     Sarah Crane (r).
8 Brighton Place     George R. Blakley (h).
9 Brighton Place     Harry H. Reich (h).
10 Brighton Place     Mrs Elisabeth DeForest (h)
10 Brighton Place     Duel R. De Forest (r).
11 Brighton Place     Harry W. Gunther (h).
12 Brighton Place     Howard F. Vultee (h).
13 Brighton Place     Mint M. Mays (h)
13 Brighton Place     Virginia Farish (r).
14 Brighton Place     Herman E. Newham (h).
1 Bristol Place     Herbert J. Penman (h)
1 Bristol Place     Violet Penman (r).
2 Bristol Place     Vacant.
3 Bristol Place     Vacant.
4 Bristol Place     Vacant.
5 Bristol Place     Frank Exner (h).
6 Bristol Place     Vacant.
7 Bristol Place     Mark W. Thackaberry (h).
8 Bristol Place     Vacant.
9 Bristol Place     Richard Benner (h).
10 Bristol Place     Vacant.
11 Bristol Place     Thomas E. Devlin (h).
12 Bristol Place     Vacant.
15 Bristol Place     Vacant.
1 Burlington Place     Oliver C. Hall (h).
2 Burlington Place     Peter J. Riccobene (h).
3 Burlington Place     Paul A. Donnally (h).
4 Burlington Place     William D. Mitchell (h).
5 Burlington Place     John B. Canale (h).
6 Burlington Place     Frank Ward Jr. (h).
7 Burlington Place     Karl W. Hayes (h).
8 Burlington Place     John A. Sterling (h).
9 Burlington Place     Roger G. Haas (h).
10 Burlington Place     Robert J. Yake (h).
11 Burlington Place     Arthur T. Noren (h).
12 Burlington Place     Charles Pausley (h).
13 Burlington Place     Edward C. Willcox (h).
1 Burnham Place     Stanley G. Timmerman (h).
2 Burnham Place     Jerome L. Boyer (h).
3 Burnham Place     John T. Ackerson (h)
3 Burnham Place     John G. Ackerson and Mary V. Ackerson (r).
4 Burnham Place     Richard B. Evans (h).
5 Burnham Place     J. Stuart Blundell (h).
6 Burnham Place     George McConnel (h).
7 Burnham Place     Herbert A. Bode (h).
8 Burnham Place     Samuel F. Swales (h).
9 Burnham Place     John B. Duke (h).
10 Burnham Place     Karl B. Duerr (h).
11 Burnham Place     C. Herbert Baxley (h).
12 Burnham Place     Frederick A. Hemsath (h).
13 Burnham Place     George K. Smith (h)
13 Burnham Place     Thomas H. Smith (r).
14 Burnham Place     Michael T. Jadick (h).
302-E3 Highstreet     Harold Rouclere (h).
302-E4 Highstreet     Edward K. Hopkins (h).
302-E6 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-F2 Highstreet     Bertina R. Pettis (h).
302-F3 Highstreet     R. Boyd Cady (h).
302-F5 Highstreet     Charles A. Rice (h).
302-F7 Highstreet     Bernard G. Reck (h).
302-G1 Highstreet     E. Stanley Bogert (h).
302-G2 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-G4 Highstreet     Harry D. Smith (h).
302-G6 Highstreet     Chester A. McCutcheon (h).
302-H4 Highstreet     Francis T. Kiernan (h).
302-H5 Highstreet     Cameron M. McCurdy (h).
302-H6 Highstreet     Paul O. Angermann (h).
302-E23 Highstreet     Weldon G. Helmus (h).
302-E24 Highstreet     Mrs Sarah J. Sperry (h).
302-E26 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-F20 Highstreet     Paul G. Schoonmaker Jr (h).
302-F21 Highstreet     Helen M. O'Connor (h).
302-F22 Highstreet     Lloyd S. Myer (h).
302-F23 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-F24 Highstreet     Grant N. Bishop (h).
302-F26 Highstreet     Alexander Lober (h).
302-G21 Highstreet     Joseph J. Glatzel (h).
302-G22 Highstreet     Bertram E. Schlinker (h).
302-G23 Highstreet     William F. Lackman (h).
302-H24 Highstreet     Clifford S. Kingsland (h).
302-H25 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-H27 Highstreet     Joseph A. Grady (h).
302-F30 Highstreet     Robert T. Gaylord (h).
302-F31 Highstreet     Alfred B. Gwynne (h).
302-F32 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-F33 Highstreet     Paul A. Anderson (h).
302-F34 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-F36 Highstreet     Jackson A. Nichol (h)
302-F36 Highstreet     Janet S. Nichol (r).
302-G30 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-G31 Highstreet     Werner G. Bolleter (h).
302-G32 Highstreet     William E. H. Knight (h)
302-G32 Highstreet     C. Harvey Williamson (r).
302-G33 Highstreet     Harold D. Stanley (h).
302-H34 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-H35 Highstreet     Vacant.
302-H37 Highstreet     Robert W. Downes (h).
302-G40 Highstreet     Richard A. Learned (h).
302-G41 Highstreet     J. Lawrence Murray (h).
302-G42 Highstreet     Charles S. Bailey (h).
302-G43 Highstreet     William G. Von Holn (h).
300 Howard Ave     R. J. Brennan MD (h).
302 Howard Ave     Joseph F. Condon (h).
316 Howard Ave     George V. Denny Jr (h).
318 Howard Ave     A. S. Irving MD (o) (h).
319 Howard Ave     Mrs Anna Beusmann (h)
319 Howard Ave     George Beusmann (r)
319 Howard Ave     Minnie Beusmann (r).
324 Howard Ave     Joseph Strauss (h).
325 Howard Ave     Garrett Powell (h).
326 Howard Ave     John F. Quinn (h).
327 Howard Ave     William F. Grimes (h).
328 Howard Ave     John Feinler (h).
330 Howard Ave     Frederick C. Davidson (h).
332 Howard Ave     David E. McFarland Jr. (h).
333 Howard Ave     Gordon C. Young (h).
334 Howard Ave     Matthew A. Smith (h).
335 Howard Ave     Eldon V. Romaine (h).
340 Howard Ave     Robert J. Clarke (h).
341 Howard Ave     Joseph P. Embry (h).
341 Owen Avenue     John Morrison (h).
343 Owen Avenue     Rene P. Piperoux (h).
345 Owen Avenue     John W. Rowe (h).
347 Owen Avenue     John Casey (h).
350 Owen Avenue     Raymond P. Jacobs (h).
303 Plaza Road North     Rollin T. Brewer (h).
305 Plaza Road North     George P. Williamson (h).
307 Plaza Road North     J. Lawrence Shields (h).
309 Plaza Road North     James J. Broderick (h).
311 Plaza Road North     Alvin E. Drager (h).
313 Plaza Road North     Harland P. Prendergast (h).
315 Plaza Road North     Hugh Armstrong (h).
317 Plaza Road North     Frank Fox (h).
318A Plaza Road North     Emil H. Zachmann (h).
318B Plaza Road North     Edward C. Haynes (h).
319 Plaza Road North     Carl W. Zaisser (h).
320A Plaza Road North     Vacant.
320B Plaza Road North     Constance H. Roesch (h).
321 Plaza Road North     Cauldwell N. Fraser (h).
322A Plaza Road North     Townsend D. MacCoun (h).
322B Plaza Road North     Albert V. Proescholdt (h).
323 Plaza Road North     Harry E. Hewson (h).
324A Plaza Road North     Kenneth N. McKee (h).
324B Plaza Road North     Richard A. Lucey (h).
325 Plaza Road North     William B. Galusha (h).
326A Plaza Road North     William J. Belay (h).
326B Plaza Road North     Vacant.
328A Plaza Road North     Arthur D. Cecil (h).
328B Plaza Road North     John A. O'Hea (h).
330A Plaza Road North     Christopher J. Fee (h).
330B Plaza Road North     Edward E. Taffany (h).
331 Plaza Road North     George K. O'Connor (h).
332A Plaza Road North     Thomas F. LaHiff (h).
332B Plaza Road North     J. Richard Amesbury (h).
333 Plaza Road North     Devereaux Martin (h).
334A Plaza Road North     Vacant.
334B Plaza Road North     George May Jr (h).
335 Plaza Road North     John G. Smith (h)
335 Plaza Road North     Olive G. Smith (r).
336A Plaza Road North     Douglas T. Whan (h)
336A Plaza Road North     Lettie B. Miller (r).
336B Plaza Road North     Milton E. Sylvester (h).
338A Plaza Road North     Roger C. Carlton (h).
338B Plaza Road North     Mrs. Jessie E. Meakle (h)
338B Plaza Road North     Mrs. Marjorie E. Bathurst (r)
338B Plaza Road North     Mary S. Murphy (r).
340A Plaza Road North     Frank Whitcomb (h).
340B Plaza Road North     Sidney F. Fay (h).
342A Plaza Road North     Lambert L. Montgomery (h).
342B Plaza Road North     Vacant.
344A Plaza Road North     Helen Seebass (h).
344B Plaza Road North     Herbert W. Boes (h).
346A Plaza Road North     Everett G. Wightman (h).
346B Plaza Road North     Frederick C. McMullen (h).
348A Plaza Road North     Lewis B. Wall (h).
348B Plaza Road North     R. Nelson Rose (h).
350B Plaza Road North     Kenneth R. Erdmann (h).
352A Plaza Road North     McDowell McGowan (h).
352B Plaza Road North     Laural L. Hull (h)
352B Plaza Road North     Oscar D. Hull (r).
Radburn Road, Listed, but no houses yet.
1 Randolph Terrace     George Twigg Jr (h).
2 Randolph Terrace     Frederick X. Veile (h).
3 Randolph Terrace     Randall E. Porter (h).
4 Randolph Terrace     Leslie D. Price (h).
5 Randolph Terrace     Walter Warren (h).
6 Randolph Terrace     James S. Wheaten (h).
7 Randolph Terrace     Lenox H. Rand (h).
8 Randolph Terrace     Nicholas J. Ressetar (h).
9 Randolph Terrace     Charles E. Lobdell (h).
10 Randolph Terrace     Robert C. Bixler (h).
11 Randolph Terrace     Alfred E. Larabee (h).
11A Randolph Terrace     Herbert Kellman (h).
12 Randolph Terrace     Henry A. Schongar (h)
12 Randolph Terrace     Mrs Hermione Schongar (r).
14 Randolph Terrace     James Inglish (h).
15 Randolph Terrace     Mrs Evelyn Wyman (h).
16 Randolph Terrace     J. Nelson Stuart (h).
17 Randolph Terrace     Walter J. Wagner (h).
18 Randolph Terrace     Dudley Fermier (h).
19 Randolph Terrace     Alpheus T. deLaMare (h).
20 Randolph Terrace     William I. Tode (h).
21 Randolph Terrace     Harold E. Barker (h).
22 Randolph Terrace     James G. Abidin (h).
23 Randolph Terrace     Harold K. Wheeler (h).
24 Randolph Terrace     Rensis Likert (h).
1 Reading Terrace     James E. Joynt (h).
2 Reading Terrace     Joseph A. Schaeffler (h).
3 Reading Terrace     Vacant.
4 Reading Terrace     Edward H. Ellms (h).
5 Reading Terrace     Thomas V. Sollas (h).
7 Reading Terrace     Mrs Helen B. Gover (h).
8 Reading Terrace     Leslie Richardson (h).
9 Reading Terrace     Benjamin Nelson (h).
10 Reading Terrace     Lawrence W. Gooss (h).
11 Reading Terrace     Kenneth G. Sites (h).
11A Reading Terrace     John R. Patterson (h).
12 Reading Terrace     Arthur W. Stanley (h).
14 Reading Terrace     Hubert E. Brown (h).
15 Reading Terrace     Henry F. Scarr (h).
16 Reading Terrace     Raymond M. Connors (h).
17 Reading Terrace     Vacant.
18 Reading Terrace     Joseph D. Cox (h).
19 Reading Terrace     William J. Purcell (h).
20 Reading Terrace     DeWitt B. Bell (h).
21 Reading Terrace     Roy K. Jonas (h).
22 Reading Terrace     Robert V. Garner (h).
23 Reading Terrace     John Broedell (h).
24 Reading Terrace     Richard B. Swallow (h).
2A Townley Road     V. Winthrop O'Hara (h).
2B Townley Road     Vacant.
4A Townley Road     Vacant.
4B Townley Road     Alfred M. Fletcher (h).
6A Townley Road     F. Judson Wineman (h).
6B Townley Road     Vacant.
8A Townley Road     Donald B. Langan (h).
8B Townley Road     Kenneth E. Robbie (h).
10A Townley Road     Vacant.
10B Townley Road     Albert G. Grier (h).
12A Townley Road     Vacant.
12B Townley Road     Carl H. Shaifer (h).
14A Townley Road     Vacant.
14B Townley Road     James T. Blair (h).
16A Townley Road     Alexander C. Haskell (h).
16B Townley Road     Joseph F. Kennedy (h).
18A Townley Road     Vacant.
18B Townley Road     Philip Gage (h).
20A Townley Road     Clifford H. McCollough (h).
20B Townley Road     Stevenson B. Whitehead (h).
22A Townley Road     Abraham S. Platt (h).
22B Townley Road     Nelson E. Horton (h).
24A Townley Road     Vacant.
24B Townley Road     Earl Davidson (h).
Fair Lawn Avenue     The Dutch House.