The date of the census was 1 April 1940.
Fair Lawn Borough is covered by ED 2-87 through ED 2-95. Radburn is partly in 2-87 and partly in 2-94.
ED 2-87: That part bounded by Borough Limits, Saddle River, Dunkerhook Rd, Fair Lawn Ave, Erie RR
ED 2-94: That part bounded by Fair Lawn Ave, Dunkerhook Rd, Saddle River, State Highway 4, State Road S-4-B, Morlot Ave, Erie RR.
About half of the adresses on Southside are missing from the census film.There also seem to be multiple errors in the adresses. The number used in the census is added as an additional number, but sometimes the actual house could not be determined with certainty. The sort order is not strictly numerical, as they are sorted by the actual house number, not the one used in the census.

To find a name, use Ctr-F.

201-A4 Abbott Road     Robert M. Maust (h).
201-A5 Abbott Road     John A. Flobeck (h).
201-A6 Abbott Road     Horace Delano Everett Jr. (h).
201-B1 Abbott Road     Barbara H. Vogt (h).
201-B4 Abbott Road     William Maynard (h).
201-B6 Abbott Road     Ruth B. Lange (h)
201-B6 Abbott Road     Lois B. Lange, sister.
201-C2 Abbott Road     Juliet E. Robb (h).
201-C3 Abbott Road     Bertha L. Conant (h).
201-C5 Abbott Road     Walter S. Kennedy (h).
Janitor's Apt. Abbott Court Apt.     Thomas Caldwell (h).
201-D3 Abbott Road     Wallace J. Campbell (h).
201-D4 Abbott Road     James W. Moore (h).
201-D6 Abbott Road     Evelyn Coopp-Fletcher (h).
201-A25 Abbott Road     Mrs. Henry Healy (h).
201-A27 Abbott Road     Olga McCullough (h).
201-B20 Abbott Road     Oren Spencer (h).
201-B21 Abbott Road     William Wirth (h).
201-B22 Abbott Road     Mabel R. Banister (h).
201-B23 Abbott Road     Ethel F. Benton (h)
201-B23 Abbott Road     Fanny F. Benton, mother.
201-C20 Abbott Road     Karl S. Meier (h).
201-C21 Abbott Road     Frances Huffman (h).
201-C22 Abbott Road     Iris Dean (h).
201-C23 Abbott Road     Harold M. LaRoe (h).
201-C24 Abbott Road     Clifford Spiller (h).
201-C26 Abbott Road     Matthew C. Thompson (h).
201-D23 Abbott Road     Ralph Maust (h).
201-D24 Abbott Road     Mary N. Walker (h).
201-D26 Abbott Road     Isabella A. Hemingway (h).
201-A34 Abbott Road     George Jaques (h).
201-A37 Abbott Road     Joseph E. Keeton (h)
201-A37 Abbott Road     Jane Thompson, sister-in-law.
201-B30 Abbott Road     Elliot Thompson (h).
201-B31 Abbott Road     Alexis W. Vastoff (h).
201-B32 Abbott Road     Robert Tripp (h).
201-B33 Abbott Road     J. B. Betts (h).
201-C30 Abbott Road     Ethel B. Reil (h).
201-C31 Abbott Road     Herman R. Shuart (h).
201-C32 Abbott Road     William C. Egan (h).
201-C33 Abbott Road     Thomas F. Maher (h).
201-C34 Abbott Road     Virginia D. Coyle (h)
201-C34 Abbott Road     Jennie E. Gunnison, lodger.
201-B40 Abbott Road     Steward Adams (h).
201-B41 Abbott Road     Douglas MacMillian (h).
201-B43 Abbott Road     Frank Battel (h).
1 Aberdeen Place     Clifford D. Wesler (h).
2 Aberdeen Place     Guy Frick (h).
5 Aberdeen Place     William I. Thompson (h).
6 Aberdeen Place     Paul Van Duren (h)
6 Aberdeen Place     Jean Anderson, step-daughter.
7 Aberdeen Place     Mostyn Jones (h)
7 Aberdeen Place     Edward Boardman, brother-in-law.
8 Aberdeen Place     Reuben Beman (h)
8 Aberdeen Place     Fanny Beman, mother.
9 Aberdeen Place     Clarence M. Zener (h).
11 Aberdeen Place     Kurt Josten (h).
11A Aberdeen Place     J. Worth McAllister (h).
12 Aberdeen Place     Edgar Rust (h).
14 Aberdeen Place     Edward W. Lambert (h).
16 Aberdeen Place     William Roth (h).
17 Aberdeen Place     Ronald Stewart (h).
18 Aberdeen Place     Carl S. Carlson (h).
1 Allen Place     C. Howard Blackley (h).
2 Allen Place     Willis Bird (h).
3 Allen Place     Edward L. Reyle (h).
4 Allen Place     William S. Roeder (h).
5 Allen Place     Charles Gladstone (h).
6 Allen Place     John B. Wilson (h).
7 Allen Place     Wainwright Holt (h).
8 Allen Place     J. Stuart Blundell (h).
9 Allen Place     Philip H. Grosch (h)
9 Allen Place     Anna Grosch, mother.
10 Allen Place     Joseph L. Brewer (h)
10 Allen Place     Adelaide M. Miller, aunt.
10 Allen Place     Beulah G. Hall (h).
11A Allen Place     Frank W. McDonell (h).
12 Allen Place     Elmer A. Smith (h).
14 Allen Place     Howard Y. Zeller (h)
14 Allen Place     Ella D. Zeller, mother.
368 Owen Avenue     Harold D. Newman (h).
1 Arlington Place     Everett Wightman (h)
1 Arlington Place     Lettie B. Miller, mother-in-law.
2 Arlington Place     George B. Denious (h).
3 Arlington Place     Harry Slavin (h)
3 Arlington Place     Ann Gourlay, mother-in-law
3 Arlington Place     Florence Slavin, sister.
4 Arlington Place     Ronald S. Spittel (h)
4 Arlington Place     Mary Spittel, mother
4 Arlington Place     Robert J. Tierney, lodger.
5 Arlington Place     William M. Knott (h).
7 Arlington Place     William F. Newberry (h).
8 Arlington Place     Earle Lissner (h).
9 Arlington Place     Richard McLeod (h).
10 Arlington Place     Walter A. Bogert (h).
11 Arlington Place     Warren S. Moffett (h)
11 Arlington Place     Bertha Banker, mother-in-law.
12 Arlington Place     Donald F. Hastings (h).
14 Arlington Place     J. W. Atkinson (h).
1 Ashburn Place     Theodore L. Ferry (h).
3 Ashburn Place     Charles H. Henders (h)
3 Ashburn Place     Adele Kunitz, mother-in-law.
4 Ashburn Place     Harold C. Parmley (h).
5 Ashburn Place     Richard Williams (h)
5 Ashburn Place     Marjorie Freeman, maid.
6 Ashburn Place     Stevenson Whitehead (h)
6 Ashburn Place     Mary Miller, maid.
7 Ashburn Place     Elmer Mackey (h)
7 Ashburn Place     Douglas Knapp, nephew.
8 Ashburn Place     Peter Apelian (h).
9 Ashburn Place     Peter Andrews (h).
10 Ashburn Place     Frederick X. Veile (h)
10 Ashburn Place     Lily Vanderhof, maid.
1 Audubon Place     Carl Katz (h)
1 Audubon Place     Edward Katz, brother.
2 Audubon Place     Earl Dow (h)
2 Audubon Place     Hattie Welsh, mother-in-law.
3 Audubon Place     Charles W. Elbow Jr. (h)
3 Audubon Place     Estelle Jones, servant.
4 Audubon Place     David Craver (h).
5 Audubon Place     Hugh R. Partridge (h).
6 Audubon Place     Richard S. Kyle (h)
6 Audubon Place     Elsie Young, a servant.
6 Ballard Place     Richard Swallow (h).
8 Audubon Place     Earle Davidson (h).
9 Audubon Place     Charles Stanley Bailey (h)
9 Audubon Place     Grace Drinkwater, mother-in-law.
10 Audubon Place     William C. Lazo (h).
1 Ballard Place     Charles A. Rockle (h).
2 Ballard Place     Roger C. Carlton (h).
3 Ballard Place     Kenneth Robb (h).
4 Ballard Place     Arthur Hickey (h).
5 Ballard Place     Edward F. Mitchell (h)
5 Ballard Place     Elladeane Graves, servant.
7 Ballard Place     Ludwig Fusser (h).
8 Ballard Place     M. Walthall Turner (h).
9 Ballard Place     Herbert W. Eckweiler (h)
9 Ballard Place     Anna Kossman, servant.
10 Ballard Place     Raymond C. Earle (h).
11 Ballard Place     John Buksar (h).
12 Ballard Place     Raymond T. Ross (h)
12 Ballard Place     Edward J. Scheeler, lodger
12 Ballard Place     Matthew A. Smith and Theodora Smith, lodgers.
14 Ballard Place     Walter R. Scott (h)
14 Ballard Place     Martha Wadoski, servant.
15 Ballard Place     Clarence G. Smith (h).
16 Ballard Place     Harry C. Page (h).
3 Bancroft Place     Ralph Hemminger (h).
4 Bancroft Place     Gustave Burger (h).
5 Bancroft Place     Theodore Vogt (h).
6 Bancroft Place     John W. Beckett (h).
7 Bancroft Place     Elden M. Shonka (h).
8 Bancroft Place     William Ingram (h)
8 Bancroft Place     Roger Lawn and Evan Lawn, stepsons.
9 Bancroft Place     Garfield Powell (h).
10 Bancroft Place     Arpel Pearson (h).
11 Bancroft Place     Sidney B. Ingram (h).
12 Bancroft Place     Fredrick Burke (h).
13 Bancroft Place     John E. Wittig (h).
14 Bancroft Place     Francis J. Schilling (h)
14 Bancroft Place     Constance Oran, niece.
15 Bancroft Place     Norman Bines (h).
16 Bancroft Place     Howard L. Heckmann (h).
17 Bancroft Place     Charles M. Aldrich (h)
17 Bancroft Place     Anna Mackintosh, mother-in-law.
18 Bancroft Place     Edith L. Jackson (h)
18 Bancroft Place     May R. Josselin and Marjorie Josselyn, lodgers.
1 Barry Place     William J. Reilly (h).
5 Barry Place     Hugo Wendel (h).
6 Barry Place     Philip Shaw (h).
7 Barry Place     Joseph N. Shaugar (h).
8 Barry Place     William L. Nunn (h).
9 Barry Place     John K. Pollitt (h)
9 Barry Place     Ethyl Pollitt, mother.
10 Barry Place     Barbara Struppmann (h).
11 Barry Place     Richard G. Tilt (h)
11 Barry Place     Louise Hooper, a maid.
15 Barry Place     Stanley G. Timmerman (h).
16 Barry Place     Williams V. King (h).
17 Barry Place     George Geiger (h).
1 Bedford Place     Edgar Foedish (h).
2 Bedford Place     Kenneth B. Wood (h).
4 Bedford Place     Fred E. Webster (h).
5 Bedford Place     Burton H. Loucks (h).
6 Bedford Place     Carl M. Wentworth (h).
7 Bedford Place     S. A. Bradley (h).
8 Bedford Place     M. Gordon Gay (h)
8 Bedford Place     Lois Fetterman, a maid.
9 Bedford Place     Carl R. Russell (h).
10 Bedford Place     Donald B. Langan (h).
12 Bedford Place     George Cooper (h).
14 Bedford Place     Joseph Brackin Kirkland (h).
15 Bedford Place     Julius Wetzlar (h).
16 Bedford Place     Don Tullis (h).
1 Beekman Place     Robert G. Eoff (h).
2 Beekman Place     Harry Lutes (h).
3 Beekman Place     Brooks F. Smith (h).
4 Beekman Place     Earl Cox (h).
5 Beekman Place     Eugene Piser (h).
6 Beekman Place     Thorburn Reid (h).
7 Beekman Place     Clifford McCollough (h).
8 Beekman Place     George Coles (h)
8 Beekman Place     Lois Ann Johnson, stepdaughter
8 Beekman Place     Bertha Fritenbach, mother-in-law.
9 Beekman Place     Percy Bielitz (h)
9 Beekman Place     Helen McDonald, niece
9 Beekman Place     Robert McDonald, nephew.
10 Beekman Place     Ray Hedman (h)
10 Beekman Place     Lillian Morrison, sister-in-law.
11 Beekman Place     Carlisle C. Lewis (h)
11 Beekman Place     Pauline Chimilawski, a maid.
11A Beekman Place     Everett L. Butler (h).
12 Beekman Place     Dean Broseman (h).
14 Beekman Place     James L. Gordon (h).
15 Beekman Place     Joseph W. Wilson (h).
16 Beekman Place     Hubert F. Havlik (h)
16 Beekman Place     Hermine Maier, servant.
17 Beekman Place     Ruth E. Ryan (h)
17 Beekman Place     Laura K. Bowie, baby nurse
17 Beekman Place     Elizabeth Stevens, aunt.
18 Beekman Place     Michael T. Jadick (h).
1 Berkeley Place     Thomas Knott (h).
2 Berkeley Place     Lawrence VanNort (h).
3 Berkeley Place     Hamilton Gelston (h).
4 Berkeley Place     Robert F. Kendall (h).
5 Berkeley Place     E. Harvey Jube (h).
6 Berkeley Place     John C. VanRiper (h).
7 Berkeley Place     Edward G. Maddock (h).
8 Berkeley Place     Anne De Baun (h)
8 Berkeley Place     Leila Fairchild, partner
8 Berkeley Place     Leah Coates, lodger.
9 Berkeley Place     William K. Jealous (h).
10 Berkeley Place     Ethel I. Gray (h)
10 Berkeley Place     John P. Riley and Ellen Riley, lodgers.
11 Berkeley Place     Percy A. Leary (h)
11 Berkeley Place     Thomas J. Sherrill and Robert J. Sherrill, nephews.
11A Berkeley Place     Robert J. Wood (h).
12 Berkeley Place     Laural L. Hull (h).
14 Berkeley Place     Henry McD. Neilley (h).
15 Berkeley Place     George G. Skelton (h).
16 Berkeley Place     Raymond H. Wilkens (h).
1 Bolton Place     Devereaux Martin (h).
2 Bolton Place     Duel R. De Forest (h)
2 Bolton Place     Elisabeth De Forest, mother.
3 Bolton Place     Carrington Johnson (h).
4 Bolton Place     Phaney Walton (h).
5 Bolton Place     Roger Jones (h).
6 Bolton Place     John W. Fitzgerald (h).
7 Bolton Place     Wilbur Stubblebine (h).
8 Bolton Place     John L. Milton (h).
9 Bolton Place     William Crystal (h).
10 Bolton Place     Floyd Lyle (h)
10 Bolton Place     Martha Lewis, mother-in-law.
11 Bolton Place     Norman Fitzgerald (h).
12 Bolton Place     Joseph M. Howlin (h).
11A Bolton Place     Thomas M. Foristall (h)
11A Bolton Place     Bertha Killoon, a maid
11A Bolton Place     Daniel K. Killoon, the maid's son.
14 Bolton Place     Mrs. Jessie E. Meakle (h)
14 Bolton Place     Mary S. Murphy, mother
14 Bolton Place     Marjorie E. Bathurst, sister
14 Bolton Place     Robert M. Bathurst Jr, nephew.
16 Bolton Place     Nelson Horton (h).
4 Brearly Crescent     Alexander E. Barkalow (h).
6 Brearly Crescent     William Emmitt (h).
8 Brearly Crescent     Siegfried W. Spiecker (h).
10 Brearly Crescent     Blodgett Sage (h)
10 Brearly Crescent     Burrill Sage, brother.
12 Brearly Crescent     Alexander G. McCaw (h).
14 Brearly Crescent     John W. Perscheid (h).
16 Brearly Crescent     John D. Crawford (h).
18 Brearly Crescent     Albert Eddy (h).
3 Brighton Place     Edward Sandala (h)
3 Brighton Place     Michael Sandala, father.
4 Brighton Place     William B. Tucker (h).
6 Brighton Place     Jouett Chacer (h).
7 Brighton Place     David B. Mayer (h).
8 Brighton Place     William F. Britten (h).
10 Brighton Place     John E. Woodman (h).
11 Brighton Place     Harry W. Gunther (h)
11 Brighton Place     Joseph Lawton, lodger.
12 Brighton Place     William K. Martin (h).
13 Brighton Place     Marshall M. Mays (h).
14 Brighton Place     Richard F. Remer Jr (h).
1 Bristol Place     Walton B. Miller (h).
2 Bristol Place     Robert K. Brown (h).
3 Bristol Place     Arthur D. Cecil (h).
4 Bristol Place     Eric E. Weiss (h).
5 Bristol Place     Frank Exner (h)
5 Bristol Place     Mary W. Wiggin, mother-in-law.
6 Bristol Place     Earl Nicholson (h)
6 Bristol Place     Thelma Thompson, a maid.
7 Bristol Place     Luther Hill (h).
8 Bristol Place     Kenneth L. Hutchinson (h)
8 Bristol Place     Nancy Rowan, mother-in-law.
9 Bristol Place     Richard Benner (h)
9 Bristol Place     Grace Preston, servant.
11 Bristol Place     Thomas E. Devlin (h)
11 Bristol Place     Christine Sokolowski, a maid.
12 Bristol Place     Francis Kiernan (h).
14 Bristol Place     J. Randolph Flecke (h).
15 Bristol Place     Walter D. Long (h).
1 Burlington Place     William Earle Schwartz (h).
2 Burlington Place     Peter J. Riccobene (h).
3 Burlington Place     Mervyn Miller (h).
4 Burlington Place     William D. Mitchell (h).
5 Burlington Place     Frederick C. McMullen (h).
6 Burlington Place     Kenneth Erdmann (h).
7 Burlington Place     Jurian VanRiper (h).
8 Burlington Place     John Sterling (h)
8 Burlington Place     Francis Lewin and Florence Lewin, parents -in-law
8 Burlington Place     Anita Sterling, daughter.
9 Burlington Place     Arthur G. Winkler (h).
10 Burlington Place     Robert J. Yake (h).
11 Burlington Place     F. Coolidge Hastings Jr. (h)
11 Burlington Place     Jane W. Middleton, mother-in-law.
12 Burlington Place     Charles Pausley (h).
13 Burlington Place     John M. Aherne (h)
13 Burlington Place     Anna R. Sweeney, mother-in-law.
1 Burnham Place     William Cozine (h).
2 Burnham Place     Jerome Boyer (h).
3 Burnham Place     John T. Ackerson (h)
3 Burnham Place     John G. Ackerson and Birdella G. Ackerson, parents.
4 Burnham Place     Lloyd Kerr (h).
5 Burnham Place     J. F. Martin (h).
6 Burnham Place     Charles White (h).
7 Burnham Place     Herbert Bode (h).
8 Burnham Place     Harold Mosedale (h).
9 Burnham Place     Richard Lucey (h).
10 Burnham Place     Karl B. Duerr (h).
11 Burnham Place     Charles Herbert Baxley (h).
12 Burnham Place     Walter G. Molt (h).
11A Burnham Place     Norman Elliot (h).
14 Burnham Place     Albert R. Vreeland (h).
302-E3 Highstreet     Henry F. Seymour (h).
302-E4 Highstreet     Lambert L. Montgomery (h)
302-E4 Highstreet     Ellen Sweeney, sister-in-law.
302-E6 Highstreet     George Smith (h).
302-F2 Highstreet     Bertina R. Pettis (h)
302-F2 Highstreet     Elsie Block, lodger.
302-F3 Highstreet     Peter Lawler (h).
302-F5 Highstreet     Rodrigo M. da Costa e Silva (h).
302-F7 Highstreet     Donald D. MacAlpine (h).
302-G1 Highstreet     A. David Milliken (h).
302-G4 Highstreet     William L. Langridge (h).
302-G6 Highstreet     Edward Haynes (h).
302-H4 Highstreet     Charles Droste (h).
302-H5 Highstreet     Cameron M. McCurdy (h).
302-H6 Highstreet     Clifford Bradley (h).
302-E23 Highstreet     Richard C. Terwilliger (h).
302-E24 Highstreet     Adolph Slavik (h)
302-E24 Highstreet     Helen V. Zammith, guardian?
302-E26 Highstreet     Adrian F. Heffern (h).
302-F20 Highstreet     H. L. Barrows (h)
302-F20 Highstreet     Halger Morteveen, a lodger.
302-F21 Highstreet     Robert Carter (h).
302-F22 Highstreet     Arthur C. Stender (h).
302-F23 Highstreet     John Baker (h).
302-F24 Highstreet     Alexander S. Wagner (h).
302-F26 Highstreet     George B. DuBois (h)
302-F26 Highstreet     William W. Sawdon, lodger.
302-G20 Highstreet     William L. Long (h).
302-G21 Highstreet     J. Van Ness Smith (h).
302-G22 Highstreet     Stanley E. Lucas (h).
302-G23 Highstreet     Arthur Lintz (h).
302-H24 Highstreet     James Hodge (h).
302-H25 Highstreet     David L. Malcolm Jr. (h).
302-H27 Highstreet     Rosemary Kerston (h).
302-F30 Highstreet     Rudolph C. Geering (h).
302-F31 Highstreet     Robert Armstrong (h).
302-F32 Highstreet     Frank Manniello (h).
302-F33 Highstreet     Chester W. Langton (h).
302-F34 Highstreet     William R. Frick (h).
302-G30 Highstreet     H. John Bryon (h).
302-G32 Highstreet     Katherine Egan (h).
302-H35 Highstreet     Clair C. Kelley (h)
302-H35 Highstreet     John W. Randall and Lolita Randall, lodgers.
302-G40 Highstreet     Raymond G. Young (h).
302-G41 Highstreet     William Crowell (h).
300 Howard Ave     Ralph Brennan (h).
302 Howard Ave     James Day (h).
316 Howard Ave     Oliver C. Hall (h).
318 Howard Ave     Albert Irving (h)
318 Howard Ave     Myrtle Cowan, maid.
319 Howard Ave     Watson Harding (h)
319 Howard Ave     Cecilia Chenelewski, maid.
324 Howard Ave     Richard B. Evans (h).
325 Howard Ave     Herbert E. Newham (h)
325 Howard Ave     Louise B. Waters, mother-in-law.
326 Howard Ave     John Quinn (h).
327 Howard Ave     Willard Goodman (h).
328 Howard Ave     John S. Gillies (h).
330 Howard Ave     Frederick C. Davidson (h).
332 Howard Ave     David McFarland (h)
332 Howard Ave     Gertrude Carney, lodger.
333 Howard Ave     J. Alan Schade (h).
335 Howard Ave     Leopold L. Pincus (h)
335 Howard Ave     Juliet Cunningham, maid.
340 Howard Ave     John B. Duke (h)
340 Howard Ave     Clara Duddleston, servant.
341 Howard Ave     Sidney Fay (h)
341 Howard Ave     Harriet Duykinck, mother-in-law.
341 Owen Avenue     John Morris (h)
341 Owen Avenue     Hilary Stott, mother-in-law.
343 Owen Avenue     Rene Piperoux (h).
345 Owen Avenue     David Paterson (h).
349 Owen Avenue     John Casey (h)
349 Owen Avenue     Louise Farcher, servant.
350 Owen Avenue     John Avery Merwin (h).
352 Owen Avenue     John W. Rowe (h).
354 Owen Avenue     Donald S. Howard (h).
356 Owen Avenue     Stephen B. Brigham (h).
358 Owen Avenue     Percy Hamilton Terhune (h).
360 Owen Avenue     Albert H. Russell (h).
362 Owen Avenue     Walter W. Bishop (h).
364 Owen Avenue     George Sweeney (h)
364 Owen Avenue     John Sweeney, father
364 Owen Avenue     Yara Sweeney, mother.
370 Owen Avenue     Alan Culman (h).
374 Owen Avenue     George Warren (h).
303 Plaza Road North     Rollin T. Brewer (h).
305 Plaza Road North     Geo. P. Williamson (h).
307 Plaza Road North     John Groothede (h).
309 Plaza Road North     G. Guy Owens (h)
309 Plaza Road North     Nettie Beach, mother-in-law.
311 Plaza Road North     Alvin E. Drager (h).
313 Plaza Road North     Harland Prendergast (h).
315 Plaza Road North     Joseph Kennedy (h).
317 Plaza Road North     Paul S. Wilson (h).
319 Plaza Road North     Carl W. Zaisser (h).
320A Plaza Road North     Randall Kizar (h).
320B Plaza Road North     Harry Gee (h).
321 Plaza Road North     Fritz Semmler (h)
321 Plaza Road North     Mincagn Rusack, sister-in-law.
322A Plaza Road North     Elmer W. Grenfell (h)
322A Plaza Road North     Emma Grenfell, mother
322A Plaza Road North     Jean Grenfell, sister.
322B Plaza Road North     Frederick McCarthy (h).
323 Plaza Road North     Melvin Young (h).
324A Plaza Road North     Joseph H. Ellender (h).
324B Plaza Road North     Samuel S. Weatherby (h)
324B Plaza Road North     Ann Medina, mother-in-law.
325 Plaza Road North     Robinson Saint Arnaud (h).
326A Plaza Road North     Cauldwell N. Fraser (h)
326A Plaza Road North     Charles E. Weinmann, father-in-law
326A Plaza Road North     Charles E. Weinmann Jr., brother-in-law.
326B Plaza Road North     Stanley C. Flawn (h).
328B Plaza Road North     Lawrence Houstoun (h).
330B Plaza Road North     Edward E. Taffany (h).
331 Plaza Road North     Alfred D. Van Buren Jr. (h).
332A Plaza Road North     John Armstrong (h).
332B Plaza Road North     Charles B. Schlinger (h).
334A Plaza Road North     William Evans (h).
335 Plaza Road North     John Smith (h).
336A Plaza Road North     James E. Dunn (h).
336B Plaza Road North     Baird West (h).
338A Plaza Road North     Harry E. Buckley (h).
338B Plaza Road North     John P. O'Connell (h).
340A Plaza Road North     Parker Hunter (h).
340B Plaza Road North     Walter West (h).
342A Plaza Road North     Joseph L. Geisman (h).
342B Plaza Road North     Elbert D. Clark (h).
344A Plaza Road North     John Feinler (h).
344B Plaza Road North     Herbert Corban (h).
346A Plaza Road North     T. Charles Sullivan (h).
348A Plaza Road North     Robert T. Weaver (h)
348A Plaza Road North     Margaret Hughes, maid.
348B Plaza Road North     Edgar A. Custer III (h)
348B Plaza Road North     Louise R. Bacon, mother-in-law.
350A Plaza Road North     Joseph A. Burton (h).
350B Plaza Road North     Thomas W. Matchett (h).
352A Plaza Road North     Merrick Monroe (h).
352B Plaza Road North     William N. Singley (h).
3 Ramapo Terrace     McAlistar Colman (h).
5 Ramapo Terrace     Theodore Stagg (h).
9 Ramapo Terrace     Robert Turner (h).
11 Ramapo Terrace     Arthur H. Dooley (h).
14 Ramapo Terrace     Leonard B. Dixon (h)
14 Ramapo Terrace     Alice B. Dixon, mother.
15 Ramapo Terrace     Paul Miller (h).
13 Ramapo Terrace     Ernest A. Rose (h).
7 Randolph Terrace     James E. Joynt (h).
4 Randolph Terrace     Leslie D. Price (h)
4 Randolph Terrace     Annie R. Hoyt, mother-in-law.
6 Randolph Terrace     William H. Seward (h).
10 Randolph Terrace     John A. O'Hea (h).
26 Randolph Terrace     Robert C. Bixler (h).
24 Randolph Terrace     Henry A. Schongar (h)
24 Randolph Terrace     Albert Thorpe, nephew.
14 Randolph Terrace     William Geskes (h).
3 Randolph Terrace     Edward Valentine (h).
17 Randolph Terrace     John C. Robertson (h).
16 Randolph Terrace     Thomas M. Chalmers (h).
5 Randolph Terrace     William H. Todd (h).
20 Randolph Terrace     Green T. Johnson (h).
22 Randolph Terrace     Ervin Newcomer (h).
15 Reading Terrace     Roger G. Haas (h).
2 Reading Terrace     John A. Christie (h).
4 Reading Terrace     Edward H. Ellms (h).
17 Reading Terrace     Albert S. Wilson (h).
6 Reading Terrace     Stanley L. Chopin (h).
8 Reading Terrace     Zephir J. Chagnon (h).
10 Reading Terrace     Robert H. Brome (h).
11A Reading Terrace     Kenneth Sites (h).
17 Reading Terrace     Charles W. Grenz (h).
11 Reading Terrace     Clifford Melville (h)
11 Reading Terrace     Jennie Hanna, mother-in-law.
14 Reading Terrace     Hubert E. Brown (h).
18 Reading Terrace     Henry F. Scarr (h).
12 Reading Terrace     Raymond M. Connors (h).
17 Reading Terrace     Maxwell Baur (h).
19 Reading Terrace     William Duane (h).
18 Reading Terrace     DeWitt Bell (h).
20 Reading Terrace     Frank Chalfont (h).
19 Reading Terrace     George W. Paterson (h)
19 Reading Terrace     Dorothea Schickfus, mother-in-law.
(123) Townley Road     Jesse Anderson (h). He appeared as son in the 1940 census in the household of 2B Townley Road and Earle B. Whittemore.
(124) Townley Road     Robert B. Lamar (h).
8B Townley Road     Gabriel B. Reid (h).
6A Townley Road     John F. Hernandez (h)
6A Townley Road     Mary Stillman, mother-in-law.
6B Townley Road     Alexander Clark (h)
6B Townley Road     Mason Clark, father.
8A Townley Road     William A. Allee (h)
8A Townley Road     Mable Allee, mother.
(178) Townley Road     Arthur Conaty (h).
4B Townley Road     William Hanann (h).
10B Townley Road     Horton Allen (h).
3A Townley Road     Howard Speer (h).
2A Townley Road     Richard Young (h)
2A Townley Road     Julia Young, mother.
(127) Townley Road     Elmer Stewart (h).
(126) Townley Road     Alexander Mutch (h).
16B Townley Road     Eric Haynes (h).
10B Townley Road     James A. Sloan (h).
10A Townley Road     William Lamond (h).
(125) Townley Road     William B. Lowther (h)
(125) Townley Road     Albert Vooris, brother-in-law.
(358) Fair Lawn Ave     Thomas LaHiff (h).